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ooVoo is a free application which uses state-of-the-art audio and video technology.

What is ooVoo?
ooVoo is FREE video calling. See up to six friends, family or colleagues at the same time – with video quality that’s like being face-to-face in the same room!    

Who can you ooVoo?
Anyone! See old friends who have moved far away. Share your child’s birthday with grandparents who can’t be there. Say hi to family or friends across the country. Even run your weekly meeting with company staff in offices around the world.    

Why ooVoo?
ooVoo can become a big part of how you communicate with others – you’ll see people you wouldn’t normally see in person, while saving valuable time and travel costs.

      Video Chat
       with up to six people at the same time.
       great video and audio.
       people without the expense of travel.
      Easy to Use
       for consumers and businesses.

Download - Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing from ooVoo
Version for Windows
System Requirements:

    * Pentium 4 1Ghz with 256MB of RAM
    * 20MB Hard disk space
    * Webcam and Headset
    * Broadband connection (Cable, DSL etc..)
    * Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Version for Macintosh

Mac version does not currently include Video Effects
System Requirements:

    * Power Mac G5 (1GHz) or Intel Mac with 256MB of RAM
    * 20MB hard disk space
    * Mac-compatible Webcam and headset
    * Broadband connection
    * Tiger, Leopard (OSX 10.4 and up)
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