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Mobius is a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops.

The Mac beta version works on my Mac Pro with Mac OS X 10.5.6 . KEWL!

Welcome to the home of the Mobius looping device!

Mobius is a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops. It has functionality based on the venerable Echoplex Digital Pro with Loop IV software. It is not a complete emulation, but it does implement many of the Loop IV features, as well as a number of useful new features. Mobius is essentially 8 synchronized stereo EDP's with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control is available. Audio content may be saved to and loaded from files.

Mobius runs under Windows XP SP2 or Vista. A beta version for Mac OSX 10.4 or higher is also available.

Mobius is free, though I do request that you report any problems you encounter and offer suggestions for new features you think would be useful.

For more information see the Mobius User's Manual and the EDP User's Manual. If you are new to looping, Loopers Delight is the best place to spend some time. The Mobius manual will focus mostly on configuration and how Mobius is different than the EDP. Unless otherwise stated, you can assume that something described in the EDP manual works the same way in Mobius, and if you find otherwise, please let me know.

The Version 1.30h beta release has been in development for over two years. It isn't really a beta release any more, but I'm waiting until the user's manual can be updated before calling it an official release.

For Mac users, download Version 1.31 Mac beta 10. This is essentially the same as 1.30h with a slightly different user interface. See the README.txt file in the disk image for more information.

Some of the features available in the beta release that are not fully covered in the manual are:

   1. Completely rewritten synchronization engine for smoother sync with fewer drift retriggers.
   2. Layer checkpoints
   3. Loop meter tick marks
   4. Divide function
   5. Move function
   6. Loop status indicator in the track strip
   7. Ability to schedule a script to run after a loop switch
   8. Auto Record function
   9. Continuous Controller scripts
  10. Multi-click scripts

The latest non-beta release is Version 1.29. This release is recommended only if you are a past user of Mobius and find that something no longer works as expected in the beta release. At this point, 1.30h is actually more stable than 1.29.

An evolving version of the Mobius Scripting Manual is available here. The manual is incomplete but will be extended periodically as scripting conversations take place on the Yahoo group.

Mobius testing is performed using a set of scripts to automate the process. If you are interested in scripts, you may find the test scripts useful as examples. Just note that a lot of the complex use of Wait statements is only to exercise specific paths in the code and are not necessary in most user scripts.
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