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SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more. Linux or Mac OSX versions available. Windows users have Mixere or Wavosaur Instead!

Don't Forget Mobius!

SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more. It allows for multiple simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by your computer's available memory.

The application is a standalone JACK client with an engine controllable via OSC and MIDI. It also includes a GUI which communicates with the engine via OSC (even over a network) for user-friendly control on a desktop. However, this kind of live performance looping tool is most effectively used via hardware (midi footpedals, etc) and the engine can be run standalone on a computer without a monitor.

SooperLooper is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X, and any other platforms that support JACK. The Mac OS X package is usable with at least the 0.6 release of JACK OS X. Note that for OS X Tiger, you'll need to get at least version 0.7 of JACK-OSX.

A Mac OS X Audio Unit version is included which does not require JACK to run.

The feature-set is modeled in the spirit of the Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) LoopIII and LoopIV. Detailed descriptions of these features are found in the Documentation pages.

SooperLooper's primary features are listed below:

    * Multiple simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by available RAM
    * Record, manually triggered, or via input threshold
    * Overdub for adding more audio on top of existing loop
    * Multiply, allows increasing loop length by repeating the initial loop beneath (include MultiInrease option)
    * Feedback control allows gradual loop fading, active during overdub/multiply and optionally during playback
    * Replace audio in loop with new material
    * Insert new audio into existing loop
    * Substitute audio in loop with new material, while hearing existing material
    * Reverse loop playback (even during overdub) at any time, or quantized to loop or cycle boundaries
    * Trigger loop playback from start at any time, also supports OneShot triggering which will play the loop once then mute.
    * Mute the loop output at anytime
    * Undo/Redo allows nearly unlimited undo and redo to previous loop states
    * Rate Shift allows arbitrary rate change of loop from 1/4 to 4x normal. Works anytime, even during loop record.
    * Save/Load loops in WAV format
    * Scratch feature allows DJ-like position scratching (work-in-progress)
    * Tempo syncable to MIDI clock, JACK transport, manual or tap tempo, or existing loops.
    * Sync Quantize operations to divisions defined by the tempo, and/or existing loops.
    * Sync Playback can retrigger automatically to maintain external sync during playback
    * SUS (Momentary) operation available for all commands for easy realtime granular
    * Crossfading applied to prevent clicks on loop or edit operation boundaries (crossfade length is adjustable)
    * Peak metering for all inputs and outputs
    * MIDI Bindings are arbitarily definable and can be configured to emulate existing setup (EDP, etc)
    * Key Bindings are arbitarily definable for the GUI
    * OSC Interface provides the ultimate network-transparent control of the engine
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