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FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web.

Patent Searching

The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web. Our search allows advanced search techniques such as word stemming, proximity searching, relevancy ranking and search term weighting to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And, our account features let you organize, annotate and share documents, and Alerts let you instantly be notified when new documents of interest are published.

Document Delivery

All documents are available in a highly-compressed PDF format for fast downloading, with or without searchable text. Requires Free Account ....

Patent Plaques

The "Plaque It!" function allows inventors or companies to showcase their intellectual property by creating a virtual patent plaque with just one click. The resulting plaque code can be used on web sites, blogs, social networking sites, etc. as an attractive way of linking to the full text on the document on the FreePatentsOnline web site. If you or your company own a patent, Try it Now!

FreePatentsOnline now offers chemical search! Through entry of chemicals via SMILES, the patent database can be searched using normalized chemical formulas to ensure much more comprehensive searching than possible using regular keywords.

What is a patent search?

A very broad description might be that a patent search is the process by which prior inventions or ideas are examined, with the goal being to find information that bears close similarity to a given patent or proposed invention.

If that description is not very enlightening, don't worry - it is necessarily vague because there are many different kinds of patent searches, and it is hard to capture the essence of each type in a single description.

The documents searched during a patent search may include U.S. and foreign patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, such as the Web, product literature, and scientific journals and databases.

Who needs a patent search?

There are many possible reasons for needing a patent search. Some examples are:

    * an inventor would like to make sure his invention is unique before he spends time and money to obtain a patent (this would be a Novelty search).

    * a company would like to produce a product, and although they do not wish to patent the product themselves, they want to make sure that they do not get sued by someone else that might have already patented the idea (this would be an Infringement search).

    * Company A is making a product, and is being sued by Company B, which believes it holds a patent on the product, and Company A would like to prove that Company B's patent is invalid (this would be a Validity search).

    * a researcher would like a comprehensive listing of the most recent patents in a certain field, to help guide his research (this would be a State-of-the-Art search).

What data does FreePatentsOnline have?

We have hundreds of gigabytes of full-text data which is keyword searchable using the most powerful search engine in the industry. In addition to our full-text data, we have terabytes (a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes) of images so that you can view patent diagrams. The specific full-text data that you can search is:

    * US Patents*: 3930271 to 7503077
      (PDF/Image available from 0000001 onwards)

    * US Reissue Patents*: RE28671 to RE40661
      (PDF/Image available from RE00001 onwards)

    * US Design Patents*: D242583 to D588325
      (PDF/Image available from D000001 onwards)

    * US Plant Patents*: PP3987 to PP19824
      (PDF/Image available from PP0001 onwards)

    * US Defensive Publications*: T953001 to T999003
        T100001 to T109201
      (PDF/Image available from T859001 onwards)

    * US Statutory Invention Registration (SIR): H000001 to H002229
      (PDF/Image available from H000001 onwards)

    * US Applications: 20010000001 to 20090070906

    * European Patent Applications: EP0000001 to EP2034813

    * European Patent Grants: EP0000001 to EP2014409

    * Patent Documents of Japan: JP2500001 to JP3980100

    * Patent Abstracts of Japan: JP51111002 to JP2008289361

    * WIPO (PCT): WO/1978/000001 to WO/2009/029962

*Full-text is not available for some documents prior to 1976, and for a small number of documents after 1976, due to incomplete data entry by the USPTO. Note that our US collection is more comprehensive than the USPTO's due to the incorporation of other data sources for US documents and our own OCR efforts.


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