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Easy has a collection of ways you can make free donations to charity without practically any effort!

Recommended by Gizmo & Staff!
This site covers all the things I've posted already and has more besides!

Not just Free Donations - These are Easy Donations!   
    Beyond click to donate - Free charity donations without any effort.

        Easy has a collection of ways you can make free donations to charity without practically any effort. You don't need to donate money or your time to help. These are not ordinary "Click to donate" or "Free donations" sites where you are required to go and click on a button to make a donation. That is an extra effort and therefore click to donate sites do not really qualify as easy donations. (For those of you who like Click to Donate sites I have added a chapter about how to use them more effectively by using donation reminders.)

        With "Easy Donations" you do what you normally do and just by choosing the right way to do it you will make a free donation to charity; for example by using the right search engines or a free web based email. You can even donate your computer's idle time to AIDS research or help study climate change. We also have a growing list of Shop to Donate sites which offer a wide range of products and services with competitive prices. You can buy anything from books to long distance services and even airline tickets.

    Easy Donations programs

        * Make a donation by using the right internet search engines
        * Donate by using the right Free Web based email
        * Grid Computing - Donate your computer's idle time to scientific research
        * Shop to Donate - products
        * Shop to Donate - services

        * Click to Donate: free donations reminders to help you use click to donate sites regularly and more effectively.
        * Energy efficient lighting: learn to save both money and energy with energy efficient lighting.
        * Recycle: how to give away things you no longer need and recycle the rest.
        * Stop junkmail: get rid of unwanted mail and protect the environment.

    Other pages on Easy Donations web site

        * Tell-a-friend: a number of ways to spread the word about Easy Donations
        * Info: contact information, privacy policy, donations info
        * Links to related sites: Click to Donate sites, recycling, web design resources for charities, other free donations sites etc.
        * Guest book
        * Greeting Cards: Send an Easy Donations Greeting Card - free
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