Author Topic: Pangea Payroll is a free payroll tax calculating program including source code.  (Read 4107 times)

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Pangea Payroll is a free payroll tax calculating program (including source code).

"Pangea Payroll"
A free payroll tax calculator!

Do you run a small business that needs to calculate payroll taxes for your employees? Are you tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money to buy tax table subscriptions every year? Well, then download the free "Pangea Payroll" application! This is a very simple application which lets you track payroll data for your employees. It calculates the federal taxes to deduct from the wages and keeps track of each payment you enter. Pangea Payroll is nothing fancy, but it does the job for those of us who have very simple employee bookeeping to do. This application started as an in-house tool (which we still use to this day for all of our payroll tracking), but we wanted to share it with the world, so here ya go!

Pangea Payoll is 100% free! When you download it you even get the full Xcode source code project so you can make your own tweaks to the program (assuming you know how to program). The instruction manual that comes with the download has much more detailed information. That being said...

DISCLAIMER: This payroll application is only meant to assist you in calculating payroll taxes.  I’m not an accountant, and I do not guarantee that anything I say about calculating payrolls is correct or even remotely trustworthy.  So, use this application at your own risk, and I highly recommend that you verify all calculations done with Pangea Payroll.  Consult your accountant for more information on how to calculate your payroll taxes.  Pangea Software, Inc. shall not be responsible for any issues that may arise from your use of Pangea Payroll including fines by the IRS, mental anguish, total hard drive failure, plagues of locusts, etc.


The download includes the Pangea Payroll application, documentation, a sample Employee file, and the entire Xcode source project. The application requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher.


Since this is a freeware application, we're supplying it as-is. Please do not write to us asking for help with it. It's such a simple application that if you cannot figure it out then... well... . If, however, you discover a bug or notice something wrong, please do let us know at

If you like this app and want to help us out, then please buy one of our games.


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