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Sunrise is the open-source web browser that is based on WebKit framework for Mac

License: Freeware
System Requirements:  Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Sunrise is the open-source web browser that based on WebKit framework for Mac. It is light and fast. The concept is to add some convenient functions that the other browsers have not equipped yet. It is using the same rendering engine as Safari.

Visual bookmarks

Is the web site in your memory composed with the title, URL and tiny icon? Or is it one image of the site?

Bookmarks of Sunrise arranges the thumbnail images.

Bookmarks and the web page are displayed in the same window at the same time. You can get good access efficiency by this layout.

Snapshot Entire Web Page

You can snapshot and edit/preview entire web page. The image size and file type can be selected. The specification of image size is pixel base or percentage. The supported file type are TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG.

The image quality and file size can be checked because the snapshot image can be edited before you export it.

Execute from menu item or toolbar item while showing the web page.

Edit and Preview

      The 'Only visible portion' check box switches range of snapshot image.
      The 'Update' button updates image from current page.
      You can resize the snapshot image by pixel or scale factor. The image will be kept aspect if locked.
      You can resize the image by scale factor. You need to lock when scaling.
      File type
      The supported file types are TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG.
      File size
      Shows file size of image.

URL Field

Typing the long URL is too hard.

URL of the web site is often forgotten. The URL field of Sunrise works both the URL access and the web search. The most quick way of the access to the site is the web search result or the access history now.

URL access or web search

If the input text doesn't have the URL scheme, it will be searched in web.
List for completion

The URL field shows the list for completion when the input text is included in history or bookmarks. (URL is completion by selecting. Accessing URL by double clicking. )
Registration to bookmarks

You can register URL to bookmarks when dragging and dropping an icon into bookmarks.


Statusbar need not be always visible. It should exist there only when you look at it.

Statusbar shows to the bottom if the mouse keeps over the link 1 sec or more. And when the mouse moves out from the link, it is hidden.

The progress in tab

The loading time of the latest browser is a moment. But the server with a bad response exists. Tabs should report the loading percentage to the user.

The web search site is not one. The user should be able to specify a web search engine that a web browser uses.

View source with

The web browser need not necessarily show source code of a web site with own text editor.
The user who views the source code is mostly a web developer, They have another excellent editor. Sunrise opens source with the editor that user specified.

Window fader and auto-resizing

The main window can be transparented and resized automatically.


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