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GanttPV is Project scheduling software (scriptable, cross-platform, and open source)

Why is GanttPV good news?

Many project managers will appreciate a simple, open-source tool that will help them to manage their projects.

Schedules. With GanttPV managers can define tasks, task durations, dependencies, start dates, and holidays. Based on this information GanttPV calculates task end dates and creates a gantt chart that can be used to communicate when project tasks should be completed.

Task Assignments. GanttPV can help managers think through task assignments by allowing the manager to identify resources and assign resources to tasks on multiple projects. It allocates hours to each assigned resource and calculates summary totals by Task, by Resource, and by Day and Week.

Follow Up. GanttPV helps managers to identify and prioritize all of the follow up activities necessary to keep multiple projects moving forward. (See follow up management.)

Project Monitoring. GanttPV can be used to monitor the team's productivity and expenses. It can calculate the earned value hours and expense outlook by week. It also calculates the critical path including free float and total float for each task.

GanttPV advantages

GanttPV is easy to install & easy to use. It has a one-step installation (that doesn't require other programs or libraries to be installed first). The help documentation (including a guided tour) demonstrates its ease of use.

GanttPV is scriptable. It includes the popular Python programming language. Scripts can be used to automate tasks, provide more convenient data entry formats, and import or export data. Scripts can be added to GanttPV's Script menu by placing them in the Scripts directory. They act as if they were built in menu commands.

GanttPV runs on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms. This is possible because it was developed using wxPython, one of the most popular choices for cross platform development. The Mac version is a Universal application (runs on both Intel and PowerPC Macs). It also will run on Linux.

GanttPV is offered under the GNU GPL which means that you may freely copy this software and share it with your team members and fellow project managers. No more paperwork or negotiations to justify purchase of the scheduling tool you need.

Simple software for project management

GanttPV is named for a report that has become almost synonymous with project management, the gantt chart. Most people have used or at least seen them. GanttPV can be used to create gantt charts and export them as web pages. But GanttPV doesn't stop there. Management of a particular project may require the tracking of many different kinds of information. GanttPV can be extended to fill a variety of project management needs.

Windows (v0.11b)
Windows 98 (v0.7)
MacOS 10.4 or later (v0.11b)
MacOS 10.2 or 10.3 (v0.7)
Source [linux, Unix] (v0.11b)


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