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Cenon Astro turns Cenon into an Astrology tool with some unique abilities

Note: Requires Cenon.

(Software Santa can now do Horoscopes!)

Cenon Astro is an Astrology Software based upon our graphics application Cenon. This makes Cenon Astro probably the only Astrology Tool allowing full editing of Chart Masks plus all generated Output. However, Cenon Astro offers even more...

The powerful base version of Cenon Astro is Free Software. Our Fractal Edition goes one step further with Astrology and introduces some unique tools for the Astrologer.

Astrology Charts

Cenon creates the well known event charts and birth charts. The look of the charts is open to change and can be adopted to personal preference. Besides simple charts you can also create Composite Charts.
Some of the chart features offered by Cenon are quite special.

Cenon Astro - Features


    * Event charts or birth charts
    * Aspect table with ecliptical mirrors
    * Display of exactness of aspects (orb) in three shades
    * Aspect Lines with exactness displayed as thickness
    * Comparison of two events in a Composite Chart
    * Display of planetary nodes and Asteroids
    * Alignment of Ascendent or ecliptic
    * Astro Clock
    * Topozentric degree scale for houses
    * Topozentric planet positions
    * Masks for charts are completely customizable

Astrological Geographic Maps

    * Creation of Astrological maps
    * Vector maps (CIA maps)
    * Adoption of scanned maps - Cenon maps to everything
    * Display of AC and MC axes to planets


    * Comfortable event management
    * Time Zone Panel
    * Import of event data in AAF format
    * City database with currently 25.000 cities world wide
    * Accumulating Aspect Search
    * Free editing of all calculated charts and maps
    * Usage of the high precision NASA Ephemeris data based on the Swiss Ephemeris.


    * Output to printer
    * Output to plotter using the HPGL export
    * With CAM module: Production of magnificent and timeless Astrological charts and maps for example as an inlay of wood and brass.


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