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Java Launcher is a Java file Handler for Windows
« on: January 16, 2007, 12:09:59 PM »
Java Launcher is a Java file Handler for Windows:

Java Launcher is a powerful Java tool and an easy-to-use software, which contains nine features totally:

    * Six launching features accessed in windows explorer (see picture 1)
         1. Run java applications and applets by double-clicking class files in explorer
            as if they are normal windows executable files.
            at same time, the software can check class errors (such as package error) and monitor streams for java exceptions
         2. Display java source code in text format and class hierarchy in graphic format by right-clicking class files in explorer
            class files are not restricted to application and applet classes, they can be any.
         3. Examine contents of jar and zip files in details without extracting them by just one right-clicking in explorer
            source code of class files, java, html, xml and all text formatted files inside those compressed files are displayed by interfaces of the feature.
         4. Compile thousands of java files by just one right-clicking in explorer.
            a perfect option allows java files to be compiled as a whole, directory by directory and file by file.
         5. Execute thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer.
            it detects applications and applets from class files automatically and provides all options required.
         6. Debug thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer.
            it automatically provides signatures of fields, methods, classes and more for stop-in, watching and tracking with debugging process.
    * Two creating features (see picture 2)
         7. Create windows exe files
            the software compresses all class and other files (such as image files) into a single exe file.
            the exe file can be launched by double-click in windows explorer as if it is a normal windows executable file.
            user icon, arguments of java method main(), system and user classpaths can be added to the exe file.
            you can distribute the single exe file to your customers without other files.
         8. Create executable jar files
            the jar files are compressed from all class and related files and compatible with multiple platforms.
            you can launch java application by double-click the jar files if using windows.
    * And Java Help System (refer to Picture 3 and 4)
         9. The software automatically generates an advanced Help System for JDK (or) J2SE documentations without spending your any energy and time.
            JDK documentations can be downloaded from java sun, normally you should have them unzipped in your computer already.
            Java Help System contains 4 pages (Contents, Index, Search and Favorite) on left-side window, it can displays not only html files as other help system does, but also all text formatted files, class files, jar and zip files.
            Once you have the Java Help System installed, your programming speed and qualities will be accelerated because you will get all info you need faster and easier.

    Picture 1: explorer's features are accessed from shell menu of windows explorer

    Picture 2: crating features are in main interface of the software

    Picture 3: Java Help System - using page Index to find a class

    Picture 4: Java Help System - displying compressed file

Agreement of use Java Launcher

Java Launcher is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
the software is free based on one of following two conditions.

    You are an end user
    download the software directly from this site.
    or use the software distributed by us or authorized organizations.

    Education organizations
    if you are a school, university or any kind of education organizations, you can copy and distribute the software (standard edition) as a whole inside the organization, to your students, teachers and staffs, but the distribution must be for free.

In any other cases, this program, any files, images or any parts of this program can not be copied, reproduced in any form or by any means if without prior written permission from us.

If you accept the agreement, you can download it now.
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