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Building Web 2.0 Sites, Resources and Scripts

From the creation of the Web site to its development with SEO, provides guides and scripts to the webmaster and blogger. Descriptions, tutorials for Programming the Web and Designing a website.


Ajax and PHP, the combination of the technologies of the Web for creating a modern site.
A comparison of the XML-based interface languages and platforms for Web applications: Ajax, XUL, XAML or Laszlo, and their evolutions.

Web 2.0 design

The Webmaster of the Web 2.0 describes how to be a programmer of the modern Web. The Adsense program is an easy way for making money with a website. How to optimize it?

HTML 5, the new format supports Web applications as documents and it is not only a replacement for HTML 4 but also a concurrent for Silverlight and Flash. Completed by the Google Gears plug-in, Web applications can run also offline.


An overview of Content Management Systems, and a List of CMS that will help you to choose the best tool.
Review of the best CMS as Drupal, Wordpress. A tutorial: How to build your own CMS.

Silverlight and XAML

This markup language is becoming to be available on any platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux. The XAML Tutorial explains how to use this language of interfaces.
The Silverlight 1.0 tutorial should help to build portable web applications. Silverlight makes use of XAML.


The RSS section provides articles and scripts. How to promote a website with RSS? Which format to choose, Atom, RSS 2.0 or 1.0?

    * The Ara Editor is a PHP script that allows to build and update the RSS feed of your website.
    * The PHP RSS Reader is a simple PHP functions to display a feed from any source, on your website. A version for Atom is available too.


Articles, tools, and services for webmaster. Free diagnosis of your site. Making money with a website, improving PageRank and increasing traffic, etc.
They are completed by tools for webmaster: Simple Map generates an XML or HTML sitemap, and Spider SEO generates meta tags. The study of the Google's patents and the answers of Google to webmasters allow to solve essential issues:

    * How to get a better ranking.
    * How to get backlinks.
    * How to improve the PageRank and other SEO questions.

Scripts and tools

Scripts for websites and tools for webmasters. The PHP FTP Synchronizer program updates a website from a local image. Site update copies the menu or the heading of the home page to all pages of the site. It can replace a CMS in some ways.

    * Advanced Explorer. File manager and web assistant.
    * FTP Scripts for exchanging data with a server.
    * XML Scripts for converting or checking files and for configuring programs.
    * Tools for programmers and webmaster. List of tools and online services.

Scriptol and PHP

Scriptol has been designed to be simple, safe and universal. It is a modern, object oriented, procedural language with innovative features, for example it can use XML as a data structure. Scriptol is compiled to PHP or binary. Look at the description and the Getting started with Scriptol article.

Document Object Model, accessing content of XML documents and HTML page with a standard interface. This is a Scriptol extension but it is part of the core PHP 5 language. See also how to build a GUI for Windows with Winbinder and PHP.


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