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Xiphos is a Bible study tool written for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.


Xiphos is a Bible study application for GNOME, a graphical desktop environment which is available for Linux and UNIX. Xiphos is based on The SWORD Project by the CrossWire Bible Society, a framework for providing tools useful for studying the Bible and additional information like commentaries, dictionaries, and other texts using your computer.


    * Search Bibles and Commentaries
    * Add personal notes to verses
    * Bookmark Bible passages, Commentaries, Lexicons and Dictionaries
    * Parallel Page - Display up to five versions
    * StudyPad and Personal Commentary for keeping notes
    * Search Personal notes
    * Spellcheck for StudyPad and Personal notes
    * Uses modules from The SWORD Project
    * Support for Bible, Commentary, Lexicon, and General Book modules

a double-edged, single-hand sword
used by the ancient Greeks.

Further releases
Plans into the 3.x series revolve around WIN32 portability and general stability. Please feel free to join our mailing lists and take part in defining the future direction of Xiphos development.

Xiphos requires Sword 1.5.11 or higher in order to build.

Why the change of name, from GnomeSword to Xiphos?
We have changed our name from GnomeSword to Xiphos for two primary reasons:

   1. The name can be peculiar even to Linux users, who may not be aware of the name of their desktop environment, especially if it was provided for them without their involvement. In particular, we have had reports of people thinking that GnomeSword was related to Dungeons & Dragons.
   2. We will soon be releasing our Windows ("WIN32") port. In the Windows world, there exists other software with similar names, with which the name GnomeSword is often easily confused. We are an older and more mature project than most such other examples, and we wish to ensure that we are readily distinguished from them.

Xiphos is the transliteration of ... one of several Greek words for "Sword", and thereby we maintain our connection to other elements of The Sword Project family.



Apart from the new Windows release, there are no binary Xiphos packages that are supported by the Xiphos developer team.

There are some binary packages from several contributors; Please report all packaging bugs to their respective maintainers. They are contributions by those who participate in the Xiphos mailing lists. Note that updated binary packages may not be available immediately upon release of new source tarballs.

    * Fedora 10 9 8
    * Ubuntu
    * SuSE
    * FreeBSD
    * Windows Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32 and 64, and Windows 7 32 and 64

If you have packages to contribute or information on how to build them for a specific distribution, please let us know.
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