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PostBooks is a cross platform open source accounting, ERP, and CRM system!

(Think of PostBooks as xTuple Lite ... a "Starter Kit" for your organization!)
Use this to Replace QuickBooks Simple Start and save $99.95

PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. Built with the open source PostgreSQL database, and the open source Qt framework for C++, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries.

It includes the following modules:

    * Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting)
    * Sales (quotes, order entry, sales reporting, shipping)
    * CRM (universal address book, incident management, opportunity management, to-do lists, project management)
    * Purchasing (purchase orders, receiving, vendor reporting)
    * Product Definition (items, infinite-level bills of material)
    * Inventory and Distribution (multiple locations, other advanced warehouse features)
    * Light Manufacturing (work orders, strong support for make-to-order)
    * OpenRPT open source report writer

Like all xTuple products, it runs equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac - and is fully internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by our global community). PostBooks is licensed under CPAL, the OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License.

How to get started

Getting Started with PostBooks explains how to download the software, and particularly the difference between the all-in-one PostBooks installer and the different components available for advanced users who want to set things up their own way.

You might also want to review the full online User Guide, or a detailed comparison of PostBooks and its commercially licensed sister Editions. If you'd just like to talk with someone about the product, whether you're a potential end-user of the software or a potential partner or developer, please post a question on our forums.

We do offer paid support for the PostBooks Edition. You can find out more on our pricing page, or contact us to speak to our sales team about support options.

What is PostBooks?

PostBooks is an open source accounting, ERP, and CRM system that shares a code base with the commercially-licensed editions of xTuple ERP. You can read more information about PostBooks features, or compare PostBooks and other xTuple editions.

How do I get PostBooks?

Most first-time users will want to download the PostBooks Installer, a complete package that includes the xTuple client, the PostgreSQL server, and a number of pre-configured databases to help you get started. By default, the installer installs the client and the database on a single computer. This is ideal for testing the software yourself, but is not necessarily optimized for a multi-user environment where other users (perhaps on other platforms) would need to connect to the server (in this case, your computer).

If you want to set up PostBooks in a multiuser environment it's best to download the xTuple client sofware and download the PostBooks sample database files separately. The client files for all platforms are available on our Sourceforge project site, as are the database files. If you are not going to use our packaged installer, you'll need to download the PostgreSQL database server separately. 

Please note: We also offer a free hosted demo of xTuple ERP Manufacturing Edition, our commercial software.  The PostBooks client you download from SourceForge has an option to either login to your local database, or (if you have an xTuple user account), to log into your hosted demo. If you're interested in the commercial software, you can read more about the demo, or go straight to the Demo Request page.

How do I install PostBooks?

Once you have downloaded the PostBooks Installer, run it on the machine where you want to install the client and server and follow all the instructions.

If you are installing the server and the client separately, please read our install.txt file, which contains detailed instructions for setting up a full multiuser PostBooks environment.

How do I use PostBooks?

For new PostBooks users we offer a series of demonstration videos. To get started, download and install PostBooks using the installer package. The demo database that comes with the installer package includes sample data that you can use to test some of the features.

How do I get support for PostBooks?

We offer paid installation and support services for PostBooks as well as our commercial products. Please check these out if you want to get premium support directly from xTuple. If you're just looking for free options, we have a lot to offer there too:

   1. Use the forums to post a question to the community (search for similar issues first)
   2. Read the user docs for guidance installing and using xTuple ERP
   3. Visit the developer zone for information about upcoming features and customizing xTuple ERP
   4. Use the issue tracker to report bugs or request new features

Thank you for your interest in PostBooks, and we look forward to your thoughts!

 :o Yipe!  :o  I hope YOU understood that!  ;D  8)


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