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iSwiff is a Stand Alone Shockwave Flash (.swf) file Player for Mac OS X 10.4 onward

For Windows get Swiff Player:,1203.0.html

Full Screen Flash outside the browser.
Play Flash files without a web browser

iSwiff will

    let you play Flash from your own hard disk
    let you enjoy a full screen experience
    let you play more Flash files than QuickTime Player

Finding Flash files on the net
Check /iSwiff/flashfinder.html

iSwiff is freeware.

Should work back to Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger", but I test only on Mac OS 10.6
A flash plugin for web browsers. It is already installed with Mac OS, but you can find the latest version on  MacUpdate

Does not play Flash files designed to be played only from the web.

Enjoy full screen experience, uncluttered by browser toolbars and ads, when you find Flash you want to keep on your hard drive.

iSwiff plays more .SWF files than QuickTime player, as it uses Adobes's Flash web plugin for playing the movies. The Flash plugin comes with Mac OS X, but you can also find the latest version on MacUpdate.

Playing Flash files
Drag the Flash file onto iSwiff, or open it from the File menu.

Full Screen
Resize the window to the size you like, and choose "Full Screen" from the "Window" menu. After 5 seconds, the menu will hide.
To exit "full screen" move the mouse to the top of your screen and the menu will reappear. Or hit cmd-F.
You can also just hit cmd-Q to quit iSwiff.

Finding Games
Flash games are often designed to be played from your browser, but many are downloadable. Google is useful for finding Flash, but here are some tips on finding games:

Double-clickable SWF files
If you select a SWF file in Finder and use "Get Info" (control-click the file), you can choose which application will open it. You can even let iSwiff become the default application for all Flash files.

Export To QuickTime
This function has been removed from QuickTime 7.1.3 so it does no longer work in iSwiff. Some Flash files can be exported to QuickTime, as QuickTime has built in support for all Flash features up to Flash 5. Flash files which use newer features may not work well, and Flash files which depend on a network connection may not convert well either. If the Flash file depends on keyboard control like the space key, this export option may work, but the QuickTime Player will intercept the space key and stop the playing of the file.
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