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MindTouch Express is the most feature rich wiki available to the community.

The only free collaboration jumpstart

MindTouch Express is a FREE and simplified version of MindTouch software, for classroom, community and personal use. Our fully featured product, MindTouch 2009, includes basic support and many other benefits. Learn more about MindTouch 2009.
Why MindTouch Express?

MindTouch Express is the most feature rich wiki available to the community balancing ease-of-use with rich features. MindTouch Express allows you to create, organize, aggregate, and mashup information. With our WYSIWYG editor and XHTML diffing, MindTouch Express eliminates the need for complex knowledge of technical wiki markup in order to contribute content.

Under the hood, you'll find a wide variety of extensions, the mashup framework for embedding content from diverse web services including Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live.

MindTouch Express and Express Pro offer the following benefits:

MindTouch Express is the only mashup capable wiki
Create application and/or data mashups right into your wiki. Consume and share information faster with dynamic reports and data visualization.

Integration with 100's of Web Services
MindTouch Express ships with 100's of pre-configured Web-services and multimedia extensions including Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Flickr, YouTube, and WidgetBox. Surface data from these Web services right into your wiki.

Deployable in multiple languages
Express can be deployed in multiple languages including Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, and Portuguese. Moreover, you can deploy multiple languages in the same wiki without requiring multiple instances.

Strong access control
Easily permission pages, files and workspaces by user. Quickly and efficiently apply privacy and security rules to suit your public or private collaboration needs.

Easily trackable version history
Express archives all versions of a page. Users can view all prior versions, compare changes between any two versions, see the users that made all the changes, and even revert to any prior version.

Feature-rich wiki editing
The powerful WYSIWYG page editor provides easy linking to pages and files, color selection, font selection, table creation, and more. The ability to switch to source view for advanced editing makes this editor a favorite among all technical levels.

Point-and-click page editing
With the simple yet powerful editing, MindTouch allows end-uses to increase productivity and collaborate with ease. Hierarchical page creation makes sharing information and knowledge bases a breeze.

Share media and files
Share videos, images, PowerPoints and any other document or media by simply attaching the file to the page. All files keep version history just like pages so you can easily collaborate around a document without attaching it to an email.

Comprehensive search
With the powerful MindTouch search engine, you can search inside the text of attachments, not just index their titles.  MindTouch includes the most powerful search engine in the wiki world to provide a comprehensive set of search results across text and files including rich media.

Deploy in Multiple Languages
Languages include Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.

Yeah, they rope you in with 50 free megabytes - all the while hoping you'll "Upgrade" to their Paid Versions.


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