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VCT - Video Converter & Transcoder - is a Video Utility for Linux and Windows systems.

Open source video/audio converter GUI based on ffmpeg. No viruses, no ads.
Convert your audio/video collection to H.264 or H.265 HEVC AAC/MP3, etc.
Transcode MKV to MP4 or MP4/M4V to MKV in 1 minute so that you don't spend hours converting.
Rotate video 180 or 90 degrees.
Extract audio from movie clip.
Convert various audio files to MP3 or AAC.
Select audio stream to encode with video.
Add subtitle stream.

This application is wrapper for FFmpeg tool and ffmpeg command is manually editable.
64-bit version and XP version as separate downloads (see Files section)

For more details on usage, please check README.

Windows will warn you about security. Scan with AV and then click "Run anyway" to install.
On apps first run, antivirus may take 30 seconds to scan or even block it from downloading. Disable AV temporarily or add app to exception list.
All files have been scanned before upload.

Linux: please check bottom of README.

v1.9.0.3 (Windows Vista and higher only, XP is at version, Linux is still at v 1.7)

    Start/Pause/Resume button allows to pause encoding tasks in case you want to do something else on your PC and then resume encoding
    removed CPU option since it is obsolete with new ffmpeg version
    added option to remove embedded subtitle from source, since there were problems noticed with some files (e.g. subtitle stream positioned before audio stream)
    added "Remove Output Path" button; before, it was neccessary to close the app to change output path
    fixed all errors that caused file info not to display some audio or video info

You can download binaries from Sourceforge:
and source code from GITHUB:

VCT is frontend for ffmpeg tool which I believe, is the best tool for video/audio files manipulation It is command line tool, so it may be inconvenient for those users that can only work with some kind of GUI. I've created this tool because I needed some app that can help me convert my entire video library quickly to the H.264 or H.265. Handbrake can do it, but I have to click to every file, select path, etc.

I wanted to achieve 4 goals:

1. to have ability to manually edit any command option of ffmpeg

2. ability to transcode MP4 to MKV and vice versa (thus full length movie transcoding take 2 minutes compared to 2 hours of full conversion)

3. ability to set conversion options and then drag many files onto the VCT to encode them all with same options

4. ability to encode each video (or audio) separately and to add them all to batch list (kinda like Handbrake)

Licensed under Apache v2.0, so you are free to use the source code for any purpose you like, open source or commercial.

If you find a bug, or you have an issue, please use discussion board to contact me. If you use GitHub, you can open issue there. If program is declared an open source, it doesn't mean that there is no support. On contrary, you can contact developer directly and get the most out of it!

IMPORTANT NOTE about FPS options: if input video file is loaded via "Input File" button, then exact FPS is loaded from file. In that case, either "Slow Motion" or "Set FPS" can make sense, not both. But, if you first set options, and then load bunch of files via "Multiple Input Files", then you must know files FPS and how much to slow down. In that case, both check boxes can be used, but, BE CAREFUL, or the result may not be satisfactory! If you load audio file (mp3, aac, etc.), those 2 check boxes are ignored, but they can be set as preparations for the next bunch of files loaded via "Multiple Input Files". In any case, if using "Multiple Input Files" option to load bunch of files to be encoded with same options, you MUST SET ALL OPTIONS FIRST, THEN CLICK TO LOAD FILES.

NOTE FOR LINUX: Please go to the bottom of this readme to see how to install. Source code for Linux is the same, but check file Form1.cs and commented lines marked with "Linux".

VCT has its limitations:

    when you define options and drop multiple files "Multiple Input Files" button or to the list, you can't use subtitles;
    you can only encode file with single audio stream;
    if there is subtitle stream inside input file, it will not be copied to output (planned in next release);
    if selecting audio stream when dropping multiple files, you must know how many streams there are and which one is the one you need (if selecting files one by one, you can use Info button to check codec data).

That's why I left option to manually edit ffmpeg command, for all of you that know, or are willing to learn this tool. You can also manually edit commands in batch list.

ffprobe is included in 1.5.0 so when you click Input File, it is parsed and Info button apears. You can click it so see codec details and thumbnail from video. This could have been acieved with ffmpeg, but ffprobe produces JSON output and I wanted to play with it; and it was fun!


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