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Matrex is an advanced cross platform vectorial spreadsheet.

Matrex is a vectorial spreadsheet. It gives you the same functionalities of a classic spreadsheet application in a new, different way.
Matrex is excellent when working with blocks of data coming from databases, feeds, files, external applications, simulations.

Matrex is different because:

The functions (formulas) are applied to entire blocks of data (called matrices), not to single cells.

Presentations and charts are visible only when you want, not all the time.

Calculations don't block the application and can be done in parallel (multithreading).

You can use SQL to filter, sort and group data in the vectorial spreadsheet.

It is open (and it will be always more).  For example it can be used as a library and can connect to several other applications.

Dependencies It is more readable. No repetitions, nothing mixed together, everything has a name.

Matrex is different but, as you can see from the picture above, it has everything you need: presentations (spreadsheets) and charts.

Matrex is the perfect tool for mathematical models and for other statistical, engineering, physical, and generally scientific calculations.

You can download Matrex from the SourceForge Matrex download page.
Here you will find the Matrex setup file. Available for Windows, Linux GTK and Mac OSX, it installs the Matrex application, some examples and various documents.

Quick Start

To try Matrex, first you need to download it.
Go directly to the Matrex package download page or read more about it.

Choose the version for your operating system and download it:

   1. matrex_1_3_win32.jar for Windows (tested on XP)
   2. matrex_1_3_linux_gtk.jar for Linux, using GTK
   3. matrex_1_3_macosx.jar for MacOsX, using Carbon
   4. matrex_1_3_generic.jar for other architectures

The file you download is an executable Jar file. You need to have JRE (Java runtime environment) installed to run it.
Generally you start the installation double-clicking on it.
If this does not work, open a command prompt or a shell, go to the directory where you downloaded the setup file, and write:

java -jar matrex_1_3_xxx.jar

where matrex_1_3_xxx.jar is the file you want to install.
This will start the IzPack setup for the Matrex product. You just need to follow the instructions.

After you installed it, you can give it a try.
Double-click on the Matrex icon on your desktop.
If it does not work, go to the directory (folder) in which you installed Matrex and execute the matrex batch file, which is called:

    * matrex_win32.bat in Windows
    * in Linux
    * in MacOsX
    * matrex_generic.bat or for the generic version.

If still it does not happen, please verify that the "java" executable is in the global path.

The generic setup
If you installed the generic version, the first time you start matrix_generic.bat (for a Windows operating system) or (for the others),  Matrex will try to install SWT from the internet.
Please answer to the question it asks (if you have a proxy, which proxy, from which site you want to install SWT).
If everything goes well, start Matrex once again. From this time the application should start as usual, displaying the GUI.

Once it is started, what you do with it?

Well, first you can try some examples.
In the projects directory of the Matrex installation you can find these examples:

    * sample a very simple example to show the main concepts of Matrex
    * popcolorado a more complex project showing some statistics about the population of Colorado (includes charts and presentations)
    * projection  a project showing a simple financial projection (includes charts and presentations)
    * isql a project showing some applications of the iSQL (internal SQL) function template
    * testchart a project showing different types of charts.
    * directsearch a project demonstrating the Nelder Mead optimization.

To open these projects:

   1. Menu File->Open project
   2. In the open file-dialog go to the project's directory and open the file project.mxp

The project matrexdb, which tests the ability of Matrex to work with databases, is available separately.

To understand how to use Matrex, give a look:

    *  to the context help
    *  to the main documents in the documents page
    * or in the doc directory of the Matrex installation.

In case of doubts or problems, check the FAQ.


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