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CropaRatio allows easy cropping against a white background for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


    * Do you want to sketch from a cropped photo?.
    * Must your image fit into a particular layout?.
    * Should the height and width be in a certain ratio?
    * Should the printed size be a specified value?

CropaRatio allows easy cropping against a white background. It displays the height/width ratio as you drag across an image and then lets you move the cropping rectangle around. It also allows the print size to be adjusted. Cropped images are saved as .jpg files. Rotated versions of an image can be created. The application works on Mac OSX 10.4 or later and is freeware.

More info

CropaRatio will help you to crop photographs so that they will fit into your layouts. You view the ratio of the sides of a cropped area while you are dragging across an image. When you have achieved the desired ratio you may move the cropping rectangle around so that it frames the area you want.

CropaRatio saves any cropped area as a lightly compressed jpg file. It does not preserve layers or transparency but can open such file types as .tiff, .bmp, .psd, .png, .gif, and .pct.

You may specify a width in order to adjust the printed size of the cropped area. When CropaRatio adjusts the printed size it does not resample the image. No pixels are removed or added. CropaRatio changes the dpi only and the result is fine for most purposes but only approximate. If no area has been cropped the printed size of the whole image is adjusted to what you specify.

Help is available within the application.


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