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Yoda Soccer is a new cross platform soccer game
« on: May 21, 2009, 03:50:55 PM »
Yoda Soccer is a new cross platform soccer game.


Started on June 2002, Yoda Soccer is a project which intends to create a new free game for Windows with the gameplay and the style of the well known Sensible World of Soccer (a.k.a. SWOS). This doesn't mean that we'll redo swos for this OS, it would be only a waste of time, but we'll try to add many features missed in Swos. If you want to know more about this, please go in the Info section.
Yoda soccer is written in Blitzmax ( language. The source code is open and availaible for everyone who want to help us to improve the game.


We must say that Swos was just an evolution. The story of this great game started in the late 90's when Sensible Software produced a football game. This wasn't a game with particoular new features, as the fliyng top camera was just used by Kick off series and graphics were not so good. But when you started a match, you had the full feeling with the ball, a lot of actions possible and it was too easy learning the controls... only a button for every ball touch! Sensible soccer had an incredible success, so Sensible Soft. produced other versions of the game, like World cup 94 one. But the big thing had to come yet...

In 1995 Amiga's owners (only...) could play the first masterpiece: Sensible World of Soccer (SWOS).
The new game's features were the same not so good graphics, "bird fly" camera, the same brilliant and thrilling gameplay a bit upgraded and a huge database of national and club teams, covering about 12000 players! The game ruled the soccer videogames market for Amiga, but PC users had to play Sensible Soccer yet. Their wait as long an year. In fact on Novembre 1995, Swos 95-96 was for PC too, with the same features of Amiga's one and also videos and musics. The next year Sensible Software produced Swos 96-97, that was more a database update than a real new game, indeed we can say that some new features were added, like national teams career. Swos died in this status, because, perhaps corrupted by 3D engines and Fifa series. Sensible Software tried to continue the serie with a new partially 3D version: Swos 98. It appeared as an unfinished game and nobody liked it.


Gameplay will be in swos style, so frenetic, with only a button for shot, pass etc. and of course, freedom to do everything you want. The swos gameplay lacks only in a few things, and we are going to solve them. First of all, volleys and bicycle kicks will be quite certainly in the game. More weather conditions and also other things to actualize.

Graphics are never been the main Swos feature. However we think the Sensible soft artists could do something better. And so, we are fixing this. Players will be in the same size, but more detailed, with shaded kits, more colours of skin, hairs and shirts. The pitch will be also more detailed with new brand goals, public, stadium kinds, cameraman et. More realistic weather conditions, team badges, fun menus, and, we hope, custom charsets for every team with its own kit... do you want more??

Yoda Soccer uses a new team file format which is a simple text file. It allows team's rosters with up to 32 players, many shirt colors, and other features that will be implemented in the future.
You can still use Swos 96/97 team files: download the team.*** file relative to your championship (very easy to find in the web), and put it into the /data subfolder. Then convert it to Yoda Soccer format. The converter is available in the download page.
The new file will be automatically recognized and you will be able to select it in the main menu.
You can edit teams and players using the internal editor. You can also use a simple text editor (e.g. NotePad) to make & edit *.yst files.

Hard to say something about this matter. Audio is so easy to add and to improve, that the only thing we can say about it's that you'll be able to hear chants, buus and stadiums atmosphere, but also good menu music (if Marco works well.. >;)

Windows/Linux: 800 Mhz processor, GeForce2 or better with 32MB RAM
Mac OS X: ???


Basic gameplay: run, pass and a beta shot
Basic graphics
Team selection
Temporary menu music
Few stadium's sounds and basic commentary
Seven different pitch types
Goalkeeper (to be improved... )
Beta tactics and team management
Swos database support
Multi-language menus
Replay and 8-speed slow motion
New goals and benches
Goal celebration sequences
Keyboard setup
New 'extended' team format (up to 32 players and other features)
Unicode language files
Mouse support
Different hair cuts
New hair and skin colors
Goalkeeper (different saves and dives)
Team & player editor
Custom charset for every team
Multiplatform (Windows + Linux + Mac OS X)
More than 40 different hair cuts

New stadium and public
Weather effects: rain, snow, fog, wind
Improved goalkeeper
Custom teams
Custom leagues

Working at:
Improved gameplay (tackling, heading, shots, passing, AI)
Final goalkeeper
Other competitions: cups & tournaments

To do + possible ideas:
Volleys, bycicle kicks
LAN option
Referee and linesman
Team and tactics management
Original menu music
and much more...

Do you have other ideas? Do you want to help us in this work?
Write your comments (whether positive or negative) in the active forum!


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