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rt_lpc is real-time LPC analysis and synthesis and visualization Plug-in.

rt_lpc is a light-weight application that performs real-time LPC analysis and synthesis. It features the following:

    * real-time LPC analysis
    * real-time LPC synthesis
    * visualization of original, predicted, and error waveforms
    * visualization of vocal tract shape from LPC coefficients
    * adjustable LPC analysis order
    * adjustable synthesis pitch shift
    * MIDI controlled pitch (hit 'm')
    * lots of other choices (pitch pulse source selection, emphasis filter)
    * STFT plot
    * modular LPC library
    * available on MacOS X, Linux, and Windows under GPL
    * part of the sndtools distribution

download rt_lpc (all platforms) 1.0
(you need to have OpenGL / GLUT)

MacOS X (10.3): executable

win32: executable + glut32.dll | glut lib (for compile)


 rt_lpc --srate --ola
    Ananya Misra, Ge Wang, Perry Cook
    's' - toggle fullscreen
    '=' - increase pitch factor
    '-' - decrease pitch factor
    'p' - increase order
    'o' - decrease order
    't' - toggle vocal tract
    'v' - select vocal tract rendering mode
    'g' - toggle using impulse train / glottal pulse
    'b' - toggle preemphasis and deemphasis filter
    'm' - use MIDI input as pitch
    'w' - toggle wutrfall plot
    'd' - toggle dB plot for spectrum
    'f' - move spectrum + z
    'j' - move spectrum - z
    'e' - spacing more!
    'i' - spacing less!
    L, R mouse button - rotate left or right
    'h' - print this help message
    'q' - quit


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