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Advanced Strategic Command (ASC) is a free, turn based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle.

Advanced Strategic Command

Advanced Strategic Command is a free, turn based strategy game. It is designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series from Bluebyte and is currently available for Windows and Linux.

ASC can be played both against the AI and against other human players, using hotseat or PlayByMail. It is also used to run the multiplayer universe Project Battle Planets

Latest Versions


      ASC 2.2.0 for Windows


      ASC 2.2.0 Source Code (for all unix-like platforms)



2009-05-19 Updates

I'm writing a post again so that his page doesn't look totally neglected ;)

There has been a lot of development for ASC and really cool new features. But live is usually happening in the German Forum and not here, so this page doesn't reflect the activity going on.

The two hightlights from the past months are:

    * ASC now has a complete undo/redo function with unlimited depth
    * The mapeditor got a Lua scripting interface to automate map editing tasks. Work for a scripting interface to ASC itself is ongoing.

A new major release of ASC will probably happen in summer.

Most documentation is in German.


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