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Fontipsum is a font viewer and temporary installer for Windows Systems.

1.What is FontIpsum ?

Fontipsum is a font viewer and installer.

It is not a regular font viewer because:
-it displays a sample phrase for all fonts installed.

It is not a regular font installer because:
-Fontipsum installs fonts only in memory. He doesn't copy the font to the Windows Fonts Directory.

You are able to see a large collection of fonts without actually installing them permanently.
It not recommended to have a big Fonts directory in Windows. Manny fonts can decrease the system performance.
With Fontipsum you can have a huge collection of fonts in a folder, other that Windows\Fonts.
You can put there as manny fonts as you like, and you can install them in memory only WHEN want to use them, and only THE ONES that you want to use.

FontIpsum can help you a lot for choosing a typeface for a logo for example.
In fact, this was he main reason I've created this piece of software.

The great thing is that once you install a font with FontIpsum you can use it in any Windows application a long as you don't close FontIpsum.
This is great for webdesigners that need to use fonts bundled with web templates. This way you don't need to install the fonts permanently. You can install them in memory only when you use them.
2.What types of fonts supports FontIpsum?

FontIpsum supports common Windows font file formats.
Currenly FontIpsum supports these file formats:

    * True Type Font (*.ttf)
    * Bitmap Font (*.fnt)
    * True Type Font Resource (*.fot)
    * Bitmap Font Resource (*.fon)

3.Credit and licence

This is free software. Please use this software at your own risk. The author won't be considered responsable for any damages or errors caused by this program. This doesn't mean is malware... is just freeware developed in my spare time... I have tried to prevent and correct any bugs, but don't expect too much from free software.


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