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Extreme Tux Racer is based off of Planet Penguin Racer/Tux Racer - for Windows / Linux / Mac OS X 10.4

The Mac OS X Binary is Here: download

Extreme Tux Racer is a downhill racing game starring Tux, the Linux penguin. Tux must slide on his belly down snow and ice covered hills, collecting herring, and making it to the finish line before the time is up. ETR is based on PlanetPenguin Racer, which is in turn based on the famous Tux Racer.

Latest Version 0.5
Windows provided by cpicon92.
ETR 0.5 for Windows

Slackware packages are available in the games repository.

Fedora EXPERIMENTAL - not tested (please report bugs here.) provided by woody
ETR 0.4 for Fedora 8 (i386)
ETR 0.4 for Fedora 8 (x86_64)

Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty and Debian Lenny
apt-get install extremetuxracer

ETR is in Ubuntu universe and Debian stable repositories.

Open Suse (10.3) RPM provided by ced117.
ETR 0.4 for Open Suse (10.3)

Mac OS X:
ETR 0.4 for Mac OS X (Forum Thread)

Gentoo users can just type
emerge extreme-tuxracer
- ETR 0.4 is in the Portage tree.

Feel free to download the source code and compile the game yourself. The wiki has information about build dependencies and instructions on how to compile the game.
ETR 0.4 .tar.gz source code

Previous Version 0.35
Windows provided by cpicon92
ETR 0.35 for Windows

Latest Linux / Windows / BSD / Source Download:
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