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Reality Sandwich is a web magazine for this time of intense transformation.


Reality Sandwich is a web magazine for this time of intense transformation. Our subjects run the gamut from sustainability to shamanism, alternate realities to alternative energy, remixing media to re-imagining community, holistic healing techniques to the promise and perils of new technologies. We hope to spark debate and engagement by offering a forum for voices ranging from the ecologically pragmatic to the wildly visionary (which, to our delight, sometimes turn out to be the one and the same). Counteracting the doom-and-gloom of the daily news, Reality Sandwich is a platform for voices conveying a different vision of the transformations we face. Our goal is to inspire psychic evolution and a kind of earth alchemy.

For the launch of the site, we've assembled dozens of regular contributors who will post a variety of content, including thought pieces and essays, short news stories, video clips, and audio podcasts.

As Reality Sandwich develops, we will become much more than a traditional online magazine. Reality Sandwich will merge media with a social network that facilitates connections between the members of our international community. As our features present visionary ideas and new tools for sustainable living, the social network will support our members in using these new concepts and techniques in their own lives, as well as facilitating discussions about their own journeys of discovery.

We hope you will register to become a member of Reality Sandwich. As a member, you can write comments about blog posts, take part in the online forum, and receive Reality Sandwich email announcements and updates. You also get a public profile page on the site, so you can say who you are and what interests you. The "contact" feature on your profile page allows other members to send you messages – without revealing your email address to them. (To use this feature, you have to click the "personal contact form" box toward the bottom of the Account Settings page in your profile.) Soon we will introduce the full social networking component.

Also check out our special announcements and newsletter for information about Reality Sandwich events around the country. Our goal is to have the Reality Sandwich community extend organically, from virtual contacts to real-world interactions. We realize, and appreciate, that the real processes of evolution and self-development takes place far away from computer screens and jingling cell phones, and we intend to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realm. Our hope is that Reality Sandwich will enrich the lives of its users in directly tangible and meaningful ways.

The name "Reality Sandwich" is borrowed from a work by the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg – it is a prime example of his use of startling verbal juxtapositions to suggest new ideas and connections. We're grateful to the Allen Ginsberg Trust for their blessing and encouragement, and suggest you check out what they're up to.

The web development was accomplished by the virtuosos of CivicActions, a firm of free and open source software consultants. They've built the site using the popular open source publishing system Drupal. We understand that open source software, and a sharing attitude toward intellectual property in general, is crucial for revitalizing the commons and inspiring new forms of social initiatives.

For the next couple of months we will be in a "beta" phase. We'll test things out, see what works, add new features, and reinvent as we go. This is a bootstrap operation which we intend to build into a viable, sustainable company that pays its heavy lifters. During the process, we look forward to hearing your feedback on all aspects of the site.

Some Native American prophesies talk about this era as the time of "dreaming the world awake." So let's wake up together, and dream.

April 28, 2007
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