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Witty is a free, open source Twitter client for Windows Vista and XP.

Witty includes the following functionalities:

    * View recent Twitter statuses from the people you follow (auto-refreshing)
    * View recent replies to you
    * View a specific user's timeline
    * Update your twitter status
    * View and respond to Direct Messages
    * Links will open in the user's default browser

Code Specific Features

    * Minimize to the System Tray
    * Runs in Single Instance mode
    * Remembers the window settings for location and size
    * Responsive UI with asynchronous calls to Twitter to prevent UI thread from locking
    * Custom Styles and Resources
    * Custom TwitterLib for encapsulating calls to Twitter
    * Serialize to disk as XAML
    * Make use of Kevin Moore's FlipTile3D (easter egg)
    * Spell Checking
    * New messages are displayed with yellow fade technique
    * Option for always on top (Right-click the Witty Header)
    * Save and store application settings
    * Skins and Skinning


If you have feedback, ideas, or want to discuss Witty, you can add them to the Witty Google group. If you have specific issues or enhancement ideas, please feel free to add them to the Issues list.
Keyboard Shortcuts

    * ctrl-u - Toggle the update area
    * ctrl-r - Add @screenname of the selected Tweets user to the update textbox
    * ctrl-q - Quit. Exit. Vamoose.
    * ctrl-o - Open the options dialog.
    * ctrl-1 - Show the "Recent" tab.
    * ctrl-2 - Show the "Replies" tab.
    * ctrl-3 - Show the "User" tab.
    * ctrl-4 - Show the "Messages" tab.
    * F5 - refresh. It seemed best to stick with IE/Firefox's refresh key.


Witty is being actively developed by a team including Alan Le, Scott Koon, Jon Galloway and Keith Elder. Follow our updates at

Special thanks to Kurt Brockett and Brandon LeBlanc for feedback and feature ideas.

Witty Icon image enhanced by IslandDog.


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