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Giftedmotion is an easy to use Cross-Platform GIF animator written in JAVA

Santa LOVES His Copy! A Software Santa Pick! This works on the Early 2008 Mac Pro!

Giftedmotion is an easy to use GIF animator, written with the novice webmaster in mind, who wants to spice up his or her homepage without the hassle of learning how to use a full blown graphics suite. Unlike flash objects, images in the Graphics Interchange Format are supported by every browser and do not require require extra plugins to be installed. This prevents visitors from being locked out of a website and also simplifies webdesign, since no browser sniffing has to be put into the HTML code of the homepage. Another big advantage is typically smaller filesizes, requiring only little webspace for storing on the webserver and equally little bandwidth (traffic costs!) for transferring to the visitor, resulting in an overall faster loading website and therefore a better user experience, no matter what hosting plan and internet connection speed is used.

Special care was taken in making the user interface of Giftedmotion as intuitive and straight forward to use as possible, as can be seen in this screenshot. Producing results with this software is a simple, easy to do, five steps process. For any remaining questions, please feel free to consult the online handbook or send a message via the contact form. Feature requests are also welcome.

The download link for Giftedmotion can be found at the bottom of this page, you can either download the software and store it locally on your computer or bookmark this page and start GiftedMotion directly from here, whenever you need it.

Features of the current version:

    * Runs on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.
    * Multi language support (english deutsch italliano brasil )
    * GPL software, no licensing costs.
    * KISS approach. No steep learning curve.
    * No installation required. Just put the jar file on your Desktop (or any place else) and start it. GiftedMotion will not bury itself into your operation system. Since GiftedMotion is small in size, you can even bookmark this page and come back and start it from here, whenever needed.
    * Supports the following input formats: PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF.
    * Easy to adjust position of images within frames and size of the resulting image.
    * Preview function.
    * Able to edit existing images

A plead to webmasters and bloggers: Backlinks are much appreciated. However, please link to this page instead of directly to the program. Due to such "deep links", the webserver logs show a large number of download requests for outdated versions. Pointing your visitors to obsolete versions means, that they will miss out on new features at best and run into already fixed bugs at worst. Both will compromise the user experience of your visitors and increase the workload for supporting the software here.


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