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Pod Photo Transfer is free image recovery image software for your iPhone or iPod

Pod Photo Transfer 2.5 will recovery higher quality images than other iPod picture transfer programs.

Every picture on an iPod or iPhone is typically saved in 4 to 6 different formats. The standard format is 320x240. This is the output to the iPod's display. While this format is easy for programs to decode, it is much smaller than other image formats available on iPods.

Using propriety algorithms, Pod Photo Transfer decodes the iPod's TV-output images. These images are encrypted on the iPod, but have a native resolution of up to 720x480 or 75% more pixels.


Download Now:
Download Now

System Requirements:

        iTunes 8.0 or newer
        Windows 2000, XP or Vista

iPod Compatibility:
iPod Nano    iPod Nano (All generations)
iPod Video    iPod Photo (All generations)
iPod Video (All generations)
iPod Classic (All generations)
iPod Touch    iPod Touch (All generations)
iPhone    iPhone (All generations)

iPod    Easily copy any image file from any iPod or iPhone onto your computer.
Now 100% freeware!
TV-output    Decodes iPod's TV-output images and/or full resolution images guaranteeing that you will recover the best images on your iPod.
Recovery    Recover the dates that images were taken and use these for automatically generated file names.
Preview    Easily preview pictures on any iPod or iPhone before saving it to your computer.
Auto Transfer    Use automatic entire iPod export button transfers all images to your computer while keeping them organized in photo albums.
Album Transfer    Quickly copy a selected picture albums by using the export Album button.
3x    The advanced image size multiplier allows images to be saved at 2x or 3x of their native resolution.
DCIM transfer    Transfer the images that were saved directly to an iPod Touch or taken with an iPhone's camera.


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