Author Topic: Vintage Vocoder is a real-time audio effect - VST and DXI plug-in for PC/MAC  (Read 3429 times)

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Vintage Vocoder is a real-time audio effect - VST and DXI plug-in for PC/MAC.

Sonicism Vintage Vocoder

Sparky the Magic Piano?
Want to make awesome robotic sounds like Daft-Punk, Kraftwerk, Vangellis, or Sparky the Magic Piano?.........

Then Sonicism's Vintage Vocoder is the audio effects tool that you've been crying out for.

Designed from the ground up to capture that classic analogue vocoder sound using today's DSP technology,
Sonicism's Vintage Vocoder is the most powerful, versatile and cost effective Vocoding solution available.


    * Screaming analogue style filtering
      >> cutoff frequencies from 0 to 11KHz
      >> variable resonance (Q factor)
      >> low-pass, hi-pass & band-pass modes
      >> pre-post filtering options

    * Versatile and powerful Filterbank for analyzing the modulator signal
      >> choose between 1 and 256 frequency analysis bands
      >> configurable analysis range from 0-11KHz
      >> configurable modulation factor

    * Onboard tone generator for use as the carrier signal
      >> useful in its own right as a quality signal generator
      >> up to 8 razor sharp oscillators
      >> triangle, square, sawtooth and sine wave shapes
      >> individual pitch, fine tune, volume, wave shape
      and mute controls for each oscillator

    * Modulate anything with anything!!!
      >> As an alternative to using the onboard tone generator, the Vocoder has a secondary mode which allows it to use the left audio input as the modulator and the right audio input as the carrier (or vice versa)

    * 32-bit IEEE Floating Point internal signal path for increased signal accuracy

    * Code optimization for Realtime performance on modern Pentium processor types
      >> uses between 1 - 3% CPU on an AMD Athlon XP1500 !!
      >> uses 10-20% CPU on Intel Celeron 433MHz laptop

    * Direct-X Plugin Architecture is compatible with most PC audio editing software

    * All parameters Fully automatable in supported host applications such as Cakewalk's Sonar 2.0

    * Import/Export parameter settings to a spreadsheet file - indispensable for transferring between different host applications


    * Operating System: Windows XP/2000/98/ME (not NT)
    * Hardware: 400Mhz Processor, 128Mb Ram
    * DirectX Runtime - version 8.0 or later
    * Compatible Audio Editing Software
      >> eg. Cakewalk's Sonar (version 2.0 or later),
      >> Sonic Foundry's Acid (version 3.0 or later) & Sound Forge,
      >> Syntrillium's Cooledit2000 and CooleditPro
      >> Audacity (Free)
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