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fSync allows synchronize contents of two folders for Mac OS X 10.5

Requirements to OS:

    MacOS X 10.5 and above.

    fSync allows synchronize contents of two folders.

    Synchronizable folders can is located on local drives, on removable devices (USB drive), and on net drives.

    Simply drag synchronizable folders in the left and right area of the program or make the choice in the upper panel of a choice of folders.

    The program allows to create any quantity synchronisation configurations - rules.

    When the choice of synchronizable folders is made, press the button "Compare", the program will fulfil compare of all files in all subfolders and if unequal files are found, will output result in the left and right table of matching, having specified operation which will be made over that or other file. Operation can be changed, having click with a mouse on associated icon.

    Possible operations:

          - A copying file from the left folder in the right.

          - A copying file from the right folder in the left.

          - Absence of operation, with a file happens nothing.

          - File deletion, this operation is accessible in the event that in one of folders the file is, and in another the file with such name is not present, then the available file will be removed.

    After compare of folders is completed also you were convinced that the selected operations are true, press the button "Synchronize" and folders will be synchronized according to operations selected on a compare stage. After end of operation of synchronisation, the table of result of matching will be cleared and in the status panel the report of information will be output.

    If operation of compare or synchronisation has seemed to you too durable and you have wanted it to stop, it can be made having pressed the button "Cancel".


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