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iTALC - Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers is a use- and powerful didactical tool for teachers.

What is iTALC?
iTALC is a use- and powerful didactical tool for teachers. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways. It supports Linux and Windows XP, Vista and 7 and it even can be used transparently in mixed environments!

In contrast to widely used commercial equivalent software, iTALC is free! This means you do not have to pay for expensive licenses or things like that. Furthermore the source-code is freely available and you're free in changing the software to fit your needs as long as you respect the terms of iTALC's license (GPL). Freedom in two ways!

iTALC has been designed for usage in school. Therefore it offers a lot of possibilities to teachers, such as

    see what's going on in computer-labs by using overview mode and make snapshots
    remote control computers to support and help other people
    show a demo (either in fullscreen or in a window) - the teacher's screen is shown on all student's computers in realtime
    lock workstations for moving undivided attention to teacher
    send text messages to students
    powering on/off and rebooting computers per remote
    remote logon and logoff and remote execution of arbitrary commands/scripts
    home schooling - iTALC's network-technology is not restricted to a subnet and therefore students at home can join lessons via VPN-connections just by installing iTALC client

Furthermore iTALC is optimized for usage on multi-core systems (by making heavy use of threads). No matter how many cores you have, iTALC can make use of all of them.

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