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Sweet16 is the most capable Apple IIgs emulator for computers running Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Sweet16 is the most capable Apple IIgs emulator for computers running Mac OS X. Based on the BeOS version of Sweet16, which was in turn based on the outlandishly popular Bernie ][ The Rescue, its code is mature and positioned to have more and better features added over time. Apple IIgs fanatics and nostalgic '80s junkies alike will love Sweet16!


Universal Binary
Sweet16 for Mac OS X is a Universal Binary, running natively on both PowerPC and Intel processors.

Sound and Music
Sweet16 fully emulates the Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator Chip that powers the Apple IIgs sound system. Play games and music with full-quality sound, including full stereo support.

Print from Desktop Applications
Desktop applications that use the Apple IIgs Print Manager can print using a custom LaserWriter driver (included). Printed output appears in the Mac OS X Preview application, from which you can save the output in PDF format or print it to any Mac-compatible printer.

Disk Image Management
Create disk images right from within Sweet16. You can also eject, mount, lock, and unlock disk images using a simple user interface. Easily access recently-used disk images.

Use Your Favorite Software
Sweet16 should run almost anything you throw at it. Certain copy-protected games won't work correctly, but there are very, very few that won't.

Total Control
Pause and resume the emulator. Keep an eye on your Apple IIgs's progress even while the emulator window is minimized into the Dock. Control the Apple IIgs's system speed, with ZipGSâ„¢ accelerator emulation included. Or just let the emulated IIgs run at full speed. Your choice!

Screen Capture
Copy the contents of the text screen to the Mac OS X pasteboard, or grab the screen as a graphic screenshot to paste into your favorite graphics program.

Create Emupacks -- self-contained Apple IIgs systems, complete with ROM, disk images, BRAM settings, and preferences -- and start them up by simply double-clicking them in the Mac Finder.

Clipboard Sharing
You can now transfer text between the Mac and Apple IIgs clipboards.

Joystick Support
The Apple IIgs can now use Mac joysticks and gamepads.


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