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Jukes is a Cross Platform Music Organizer and Player that you might replace iTunes with.


Jukes was created for the serious music lover. This program was created for people who rip full CD's or possibly their entire CD collection to their hard drive. Jukes allows you to have all of your CD's at your fingertips and play them like a real jukebox. Perfect for DJ's, whether in your house or for parties or whatever, spin all of your favorite tunes anytime you want. No more loading the files in to play them and removing them to add more to the list, now all of your CD's are at your disposal!


Jukes started out as Put Up Your Jukes! in 1998. It was originally written as a Borland Delphi Windows application and has served nicely for many years. However now in 2006 the software has run its course. There is no longer support for many of the libraries it uses, and most of the Delphi support around the web is slowly dissapearing. We had been experiencing some problems with newer ID3 tags and the library that Put Up Your Jukes! uses for tagging is no longer supported. I had never thought to rewrite it, much less rewrite it as a cross platform application because I felt the tools just were not there to make it as fast and stable as it is right now. I recently started noticing some quality cross platform apps that did not look like Java apps such as Azureus and Eclipse. It got me thinking I could rewrite it....

Jukes 4.0

Jukes 4.0 has been completely re-engineered after 7 years of experience using the old application. It is now a cross platform application that will work on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and MacOSX. It contains all the same great features that Put Up Your Jukes had, and much much more. See the New Features section to read more about the new features. Or check out the Screenshots and see for yourself.


Although Jukes is open source, small financial donations are appreciated. By supporting Melloware, you help fund the development (mainly development tools and internet access etc) of Melloware's Software.

New Features

Some new features of the Jukes...

    * Cross platform - works on Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, Windows.
    * Full support of ID3 v2.4 MP3 tags.
    * Full support of MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, Monkey Audio APE, and SPEEX
    * Automatic creation of database if not found. No more proprietary use of MS Access.
    * Ability to display/sort your discs and tracks anyway you want. Lets you order discs by year, bitrate, name etc. Tracks by track number, or bitrate, or alphabetically.
    * Highlights any disc or tracks added within the last XX days. This allows new editions to stand out in large collections.
    * Filter by Genre, Years, Bitrates and most recently added albums
    * Disc Cleaner to remove discs that no longer exist in storage from the database. Useful for people that use IPods or Archos Jukeboxes as their storage.
    * Inline editing of artists, discs, tracks rather than the old click to open a new window metaphor.
    * Ability to import and export preferences.
    * File renaming based on a user defined regular expression. So you can name your files 01-Track1.mp3 or 01 - Track1 - 128kbps.mp3 or Track1 - 01.mp3
    * Web Search to retrieve disc cover, year, track names, and artist and disc name using Web Service.
    * Advanced search to find tracks. Fuzzy text search as well as by year, genre, bitrate.
    * Ability to export search results as CSV files for ad-hoc reporting.
    * Tray icon for easy access, single click pause/play, mouse wheel click to advance next song.
    * WINDOWS ONLY: Ability to listen to Intellitype commands Pause Play Stop found on newer keyboards.
    * WINDOWS ONLY: Window+J key combination shows/hides the Jukes no matter where you are in Windows using global Hotkey
    * History is kept for a session so all songs played during a session can be saved as a playlist.
    * Correct title casing. Old Jukes: Can'T Get To 5Th Street. New Jukes: Can't Get To 5th Street
    * Playlists can be saved as Winamp .m3u files.
    * Playlists can be saved as XSPF playlist as described here:
    * When more than one image is found per album the largest image is selected.
    * Forced artist/album directory structure no longer applies. Jukes recursively looks below all subdirectories looking for folders than contain music files.
    * When searching in the treeview the search no wraps unlike the old Jukes.
    * Any album image can be clicked on to take you to the album. Mousewheel click on album cover queues that album.
    * Album cover displays can be sized according to your taste or monitor size.
    * Database backup tool for compacting and zipping up your database.
    * Global Location Change tool for updating your database if you move your collection from c:\music to d:\music or anywhere else.


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