Author Topic: Daimonin is a free MMORPG: a free to play online game for Windows or Linux  (Read 2075 times)

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Daimonin is a free MMORPG: a free to play online game for Windows or Linux.


Daimonin is a free mmorpg, a so called 'free to play' online game. You don't have to pay for playing. There is a free download from our game download area. You will find there even more fantasy or rpg related stuff as free downloads like game music, free game art or the map making package with the map editor. As open source mmorpg we are also game developer. Checkout the project pages at sourceforge.
Game Development
As open source mmorpg, the daimonin source code is public avaible on our game project pages. Every part of Daimonin is developed by our team. For our server and the 2d mmorpg client we need c programmer, LUA scripter for our AI, c++ for our OpenGL and DirectX 3d client, java for our map editor. You can join the team on our developer groups pages.

Game Community
Daimonin is not only a mmorpg community, its an online game community. You can do more here as talking with daimonin players. You can write game blogs here about your gaming experience, your gamers life or you can upload pictures of you or game screenshots of your mmorpg character. Join in and have a free community beside the 3d mmorpgs like world of warcraft ( wow ), everquest, lineage, MU, Tibia or other commercial mmorpg.
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