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Top Mystery dot com has The Best Mystery Books - the Top 100
« on: September 19, 2009, 09:02:51 PM »
Top Mystery dot com has The Best Mystery Books - the Top 100

Recommended by Gizmo Richards (or his staff) over at
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My Thanks to him and his staff!

The Best Mystery Books - Top 100


Welcome to - the website about the top mystery books, movies and authors.

Mystery Books: Here you will find lists of recommended mystery books. It is a good start into the mystery genre. I haven't read all the books listed but the lists are written by mystery writers, organizations, book clubs, readers votes, etc. so they should be a good source. What is more many books appear in almost every list( ex: The Murder Of Rodger Acroyd") which is a good sign that only the top mystery books are listed. There are also lists of more recent books if you are interested in that.

Mystery Authors: I looked at many mystery sites on the Internet and compiled a list of the best Mystery Authors. Most of them are classic mystery authors that do not write anymore. Nevertheless, some of the best mystery books were written by them. For each author you will find a biography, a photo, list of his works and links to other webpages about the author.

By S. S. Van Dine

Detectives: In this section you will find the most famous mystery detectives. Probably you know many of them. For each detective there is a link to the books he or she is the main character in.

Online books: Public domain mystery books that are available to read free online. The links are to external websites. If you are interested to read more online books you can go to They have downloadable books in many formats( palm, Pocketpc, etc.)


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