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tSync lets you synchronize system time over the Internet or over a network

Recommended by Gizmo Richards (or his staff) over at
Tech Support Alert!

My Thanks to him and his staff!

Description:     Simple tool to synchronize system time over the Internet or over a network.
Special features:

    * Stays invisible for a user, practically not taking any system resources and network bandwidth to operate;
    * Can sync time over the Internet using 16 predefined time servers, as well as lets you specify your own NTP servers;
    * Can sync time on computers connected to a (local) network;
    * Can communicate with remote machine(s) on a (local) network using a simple TCP/IP connection and perform the following tasks:
          o Poll a remote machine for availability and if successful retrieve the idle time and the CPU clock reading on that machine;
          o Control the screen on a remote machine by turning it on and off, or activating a screen-saver;
          o Perform the following power operations on a remote machine: shut-down, rebooting, logging-off remote users, stand-by/sleep mode and hibernation;
          o Run a file, open a web page, or a system command on a remote machine;
          o Lock the Work Station on a remote machine.
    * Can repeat synchronization at a user defined time intervals;
    * Works on a principle - "Set it and forget it".

Platforms:     Tested on Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista*

    * Requires user account with administrative privileges;
    * Requires Internet/network connection for synchronization.

License:    FREEWARE!
(You may use this software for as long as you need it, make as many copies of the downloaded package as you want, distribute it among any people and organizations for no cost.)
(You are NOT ALLOWED to modify or rename any parts of the downloaded package, EXE file and/or description; distribute it under different title and/or author's name; sell, rent or receive any financial gain from this software.)
File Size:    712K
Download Size:    351K
Disclaimer:    The authors of this web site and of this particular software guarantee that this program does not contain any deleterious or harmful material to somehow adversely affect your computer. All software posted on this web site is the custom-built computer programs that were designed primarily for our personal use. We test our software for some while before posting it here. In spite of that and due to the fact that we all are human, we do not exclude possibility for this software to contain errors and unintended glitches that may present misinformation in programmatic sense and/or may temporarily affect your computer's stability. If such is the case, let us know through the feedback on this web site and we will do our best to correct the problem and supply you with the latest update. By downloading, installing and using this software you agree to do so "as is" without any implied or expressed liability from the authors.
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