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California Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection has information about Identity Theft and online security.

Categories Include:
# Identity Theft
# Security Freeze
# Consumer Information Sheets
# Social Security Numbers
# Online Privacy
# Cyber Safety for Children
# Other Privacy Sites
# SB1 Notices

Identity Theft

Identity theft is taking someone else's personal information and using it for an unlawful purpose (California Penal Code Section 530.5). It is a serious crime with serious consequences.

There were 9.9 million U.S. residents who were victims of identity theft in 2007. That represents 3.3% of adults, including more than a million Californians. The total cost of identity theft in 2008 was $48 billion.

According to the Federal Trade Commission's 2007 report, 59% of identity theft involves existing credit card accounts. Forty-nine percent involves other existing accounts, such as bank accounts and utilities. And 22% involves new accounts and other non-account-related forms of the crime. (Note: the numbers add up to more than 100% because some cases involve more than one form of identity theft.) It is the third type, new account and non-account identity theft, that can be the most difficult to resolve. Such victims may spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars clearing up their records and their lives.

The information sheets and other resources provided here are intended to help consumers take steps to reduce their risk of becoming victims of identity theft and to help victims take the actions necessary to resolve problems and recover their good names.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the statistics cited here are from the Javelin Strategy and Research survey reported in February 2009.

Available resources include:

Top 10 Tips for Identity Theft Protection
(Consumer Information Sheet 1)

    * English (.pdf, 231k)
    * English(html)

Identity Theft Victim Checklist
(Consumer Information Sheet 3)

    * English (.pdf, 230k)
    * English (html)

Requesting Information on Fraudulent Accounts: A Guide for Identity Theft Victims
(Consumer Information Sheet 3A)

    * English (.pdf, 107k)
    * English (html)

When Your Child's Identity Is Stolen
(Consumer Information Sheet 3B)

    * English(.pdf, 254k
    * English (html)

Identity Theft and the Deceased
(Consumer Information Sheet 3C)

    * English(.pdf, 80k) NEW!
    * English (html) NEW!

How to Use the California Identity Theft Registry - A Guide for Victims of "Criminal" Identity Theft
(Consumer Information Sheet 8)

    * English (.pdf, 159k)
    * English (html)
    * Forms (.pdf, 249k)

How to "Freeze" Your Credit Files
(Consumer Information Sheet 10)

    * English (.pdf, 222k)
    * English (html)

Security Breach First Steps

    * English (.pdf, 48k)

“Active Duty” Alerts Help Protect Military Personnel from Identity Theft
(Federal Trade Commission)

To Catch a Thief: Are Identity Theft Services Worth the Cost?
(Consumer Federation of America)

    * English (pdf, 329k)

Identity Theft: What To Do When It Happens To You
(CalPIRG & Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

General Guide for Victims of Identity Theft
(California Attorney General))

Deter, Detect, Defend: Avoid ID Theft (Federal Trade Commission)

Organizing Your Identity Theft Case
(Identity Theft Resource Center)

    * Factsheet 106

Have You Been a Victim of Identity Theft? DMV Can Help
(California Department of Motor Vehicles)

Identity Theft
(U.S. Postal Inspection Service)

Identity Theft: Overcoming the Emotional Impact (Identity Theft Resource Center)

    * Factsheet 108

Bankruptcy: U.S. Trustee Offices
For assistance with identity theft situations involving bankruptcies, contact a regional office of the U.S. Trustee.

How Private Is My Credit Report?
(Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

Paper or Plastic: What Have You Got to Lose?
(Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)
Pros and cons of paying by credit card, debit card, check or cash
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