Author Topic: Rohos Mini Drive is a FREE USB flash drive encryption tool for Windows  (Read 2850 times)

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Rohos Mini Drive is a FREE USB flash drive encryption tool for Windows

Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. You work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special program. Those who have megabytes of sensitive files on the USB drive and seriously concerned with a data security, cannot imagine their USB stick without the hidden volume that is created using this tool.

It doesn’t require Administrator Privileges to open password protected USB drive partition!

Easy to setup, easy to use. Intuitive USB flash drive Setup Wizard automatically detects your USB flash drive and setup an encrypted partition properties. You just need to provide a protection password. One click - and you can save your first file into protected volume. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.

You can access your secret volume by entering a right password. Disk-on notifications help you to know when this volume is visible or disabled. If you click on the balloon the Explorer window will be opened on the disk.

If you need to open secured volume on a guest computer, you just click Rohos icon on the USB flash drive root folder and enter disk password. Rohos will start a volume and will stay in the system tray to close the disk when you finish working.

Despite the name “Mini” the program provides a decent portable data security solution. It is specially designed for newbie users.

Main Features:

    * Creates a virtual encrypted partition volume (disk) within a USB flash drive free space
    * Automatically detects your USB stick config and creates encrypted partition
    * Program does not require installation to work with encrypted partition on a guest computer. You can start it right from USB drive.
    * Encrypted partition is protected by password
    * Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly
    * Encryption algorithm: AES 256 bit key length. NIST approved.
    * Portable utility - Rohos Disk Browser to open encrypted partition on a guest PC without Admin rights
    * Virtual Keyboard - to protect your encrypted disk password from a keylogger
    * Autorun Folder. Saved program’s/file’s shortcut will automatically start/open up upon disk connection
    * The limit of encrypted partition size is 2 GB. Rohos Mini vs. Rohos Disk

Rohos Mini Drive program does not create real partition on the USB flash drive. Thus when you insert your USB drive into USB port only one drive letter will appear in Windows. Second (secured) drive will appear only after you active it by entering a password.


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