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AV Video Karaoke Maker lets you create your own karaoke music video in a few minutes

AV Video Karaoke Maker is a karaoke creator enables you to add music and lyrics to a Video, and synchronize them to quickly create a karaoke video.

Make karaoke from music, lyrics, and images or video files.

It supports a wide range of input video, audio and image formats, as well as output video formats.

It also features a wave chart for karaoke editing.
bullet    Video Karaoke Maker makes your home PC a karaoke studio.

bullet    Video Karaoke Maker can convert your favorite music for karaoke singing or just enjoy the melody without the voices.

bullet    This program can also be used to create your DVD movie subtitles. Easily edit the text.

bullet    You can make video clip for a song.

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Supports a wide range of input formats for video, audio and images
Import avi, mpeg, wmv, asf, mov, wma, mp3, ogg, wav, jpeg, bmp, etc. from your PC to create a video karaoke.

Export your karaoke project to different video formats
Press the 'Export' button to start exporting the current project to an AVI or WMV file. You can select from many different video and audio codecs.

Create a new or open an old karaoke project
Open a new or previously saved project. Use 'New Project' or 'Open Project' to operate these functions.

Synchronize lyrics and sound
Start playing the song and then press the 'Synchronize' button. Use 'Set', 'Silent', 'Back' and 'Finish' buttons to synchronize the lyrics with the audio.

Easy karaoke editing
Edit the synchronized karaoke song as a waveform by simple mouse clicks. You can also easily edit your lyrics.

Preview the current project
Press the 'Preview' button to preview your current karaoke project.


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