Author Topic: Macfusion allows you to work with files on servers across the internet for 10.5  (Read 1551 times)

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Macfusion allows you to work with files on servers across the internet for 10.5

About Macfusion

Macfusion is an open source Mac application that allows you to work with files on servers across the internet, as if they were sitting on your computer. Macfusion presents a Volume in Finder, letting you use your favorite Mac applications to work with them.

What is Macfusion?

Macfusion brings servers from across the internet directly to your Mac's desktop! Your files and documents appear as a "Volume" in Finder, and you can work with them using your favorite Mac applications, such as Word, Photoshop, TextMate or Dreamweaver. Macfusion can connect to the following types of servers:

   1. SSH, or Secure Shell. This is probably the protocol used by the server hosting your website. It can also be used by any mac to share files across the internet.
   2. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. This is commonly used to share files across the inernet.

Using Macfusion, you can:

    * Save your favorite servers in a list of favorites so you can connect to them quickly. Macfusion will remember your login information, and can save your password in the keychain you ask it to. Macfusion even supports public/private key authentication for SSH.
    * Quickly mount your saved servers from Macfusion's menu item, appearing at the top right of your screen by the clock. You can start this menu item from the Macfusion menu in the main application.
    * Quickly connect to any server using Macfusion's optional menu item. The quick connect dialog, accessible using a keyboard shortcut or through the menu, lets you immediately type in an SSH or FTP host.

Macfusion requires the following software installed on your Mac.

    * Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
    * Google's MacFUSE

More technically ...

Macfusion can do a lot more than work with files on a remote server. It is a general, plugin-in based user interface to the MacFUSE software provided by Google. This software allows any data to represented in the form of files and folders.

Macfusion supports the creation of plugins that can package and wrap in user interface any existing FUSE filesystem. If you are a programmer, you can build your own plugin for Macfusion.
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