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Magento Community Edition is a cross platform state-of-the-art ecommerce solution

Magento Community Edition

The Magento Community Edition is available as a free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license. Support for the Community Edition is not available commercially and the product is provided as-is.

General Overview

    There are currently two editions of Magento available, the Magento Enterprise Edition and the Magento Community Edition. Both editions of Magento are valuable, however, they are meant for two different audiences. You might have questions about what the two editions are, why two editions need to exist and what the differences between them are.

Magento Community Edition

    Magento was born as open source software. The reason this edition is called "Community" has its basis in these origins. This means that you, and anyone around the world, are free to download Magento, and make any modifications you may need to suit your requirements. Magento has had tremendous growth and with this growth there are now over a million people around the world who have downloaded Magento, and many of those have developed customizations, extensions and other changes. The Magento community connects on the Magento Community site forums to share their knowledge, assist each other, exchange tips and tricks and to offer support. Development of the Magento Community Edition continues at a rapid pace through this model, providing a basic and powerful solution for small shops looking for a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform.

Magento Enterprise Edition

    Magento Enterprise Edition shares the same base as Magento Community Edition. However, as Magento adoption continues to rapidly increase, there are some retailers who require more than the community can provide. Some need advanced features and deep customization, some require major functionality changes, and others require a higher level of support through Service Level Agreements. There are many reasons for this, ranging from business requirements to traffic considerations, catalog size and even the types of services retailers wish to provide. The Magento Enterprise Edition is therefore fully supported by the Varien team and its network of partners. Varien also invests considerable resources for development and continued support of Magento Enterprise Edition and provides a longer support life cycle. This stable base, which can be easily customized if needed, offers advanced features and is backed by a solid support contract giving corporations and other organizations the solution they need for a production ready, enterprise grade eCommerce platform with the full confidence of an SLA.
    In a nutshell, both Magento Editions share the same genes at the core, but target very different needs.


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