Author Topic: My Pictures 3D Album lets you create stunning 3D albums  (Read 1785 times)

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My Pictures 3D Album lets you create stunning 3D albums
« on: November 12, 2009, 11:51:58 AM »
My Pictures 3D Album lets you create stunning 3D albums

My Pictures 3D Album

Looking for a new exciting way to show off your photos? Amaze your friends by taking them into the stunning 3D world featuring your photographic masterpieces!

The latest version of My Pictures 3D Album (Photo! 3D Album from now on) is now available from this site. New cool galleries for Photo! 3D Album can be downloaded from - online photo service that lets you share your photos easily.

Download My Pictures 3D free!

Enjoy a new extraordinary way to show off your photos!

My Pictures 3D Album gives you an exciting opportunity to create stunning 3D albums where your photos find themselves in the dreamlike environment of picturesque 3D galleries. Surprise your friends by showing them your pictures hanging on the walls of an art gallery! 3D albums can be viewed in automatic mode, when the program itself guides you through the gallery halls. You can also enter the free move mode and wander freely inside the virtual space using your mouse.

Enjoy almost endless opportunities to present your photos in various environments!

Imagine your pictures on the walls of a modern Showroom, a secluded Yard, or a fabulous Art Gallery (the latter is included in My Pictures 3D Album installer). You can always download more free galleries to use with the software from our constantly growing collection. Don't miss an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of a Greek temple, a mysterious medieval castle, and much, much more! A pleasing lifelike atmosphere of all galleries is created thanks to amazingly natural-looking graphics and exquisite detail. My Pictures 3D Album installer also contains My Pictures 3D Screensaver software letting you view created galleries as a screensaver.

Enjoy easy sharing!

3D Albums can be easily shared. Amaze your family and friends by sending them your holiday photos in a 3D presentation (a stand-alone EXE file that does not require My Pictures 3D Album software to view). You can also share your albums via CD or the net, placing them on your home page.


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