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MouseCoord shows the mouse coordinates
« on: July 11, 2010, 09:35:12 PM »
MouseCoord shows the mouse coordinates

     To see the tips (this is not a RealBasic command line) of the set the windows transparency.
     MouseCoord est distribué en Freeware.

MouseCoord FAQ
Why this program?
Because the other programs which do that are sharewares. There many program which magnify a part of the screen but they don't display mouse coordinates, and they don't measure the pixels on the screen.
How to use it?
Click and drag to draw a rectangle or an oval (see below) on the transparent window.
How launch Magnify?
Search and download an magnify software (Pixie, Macnifier) and select it from the file menu. If you check the checkbox it will be launch at the same time of MouseCoord.
Alt (Option) - click to center the rectangle. Shift - click to same width/height. Command - click to draw an oval instead of a rectangle. Space bar - click to move the rectangle (or oval). Other things are in the helptags.
Where is Email Contact?
Alt (Option) - click on the program name.
Automatically check for updates, when?
Never, check it manualy on my web site.


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