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My Pictures 3D Screensaver is the most fun alternative to dull standard screensavers

My Pictures 3D Screensaver

My Pictures 3D Screensaver is a 2-in-1 package. Besides functioning as a screensaver featuring your favorite photos in a picturesque environment of stunning 3D galleries, the software can also be used to take a virtual walk inside a gallery with your favorite photos.

The latest version of My Pictures 3D Screensaver (Photo! 3D Screensaver from now on) is now available from this site. Photo! 3D Screensaver installer contains a new Chinese Garden gallery. More new cool galleries can be downloaded  from - online photo service that lets you share your photos easily.

Download My Pictures 3D free!

Enjoy the latest generation of screensavers!

No doubt about it - standard screensavers are dull and monotonous. By now you must be tired of those fish aquariums, dolphins and waterfalls, or whatever objects chaotically moving on your monitor. My Pictures 3D Screensaver is the most fun alternative to dull standard screensavers. You just choose a gallery and select pictures to be displayed in it. And every time your PC is not in active use, My Pictures 3D Screensaver will take you into the stunning 3D world featuring your photographic masterpieces and bringing back fond memories.

Take a walk in the virtual space!

My Pictures 3D Screensaver also lets you take a walk in a dreamlike 3D gallery where your favorite photos are exhibited. Everything is up to you: you choose a gallery, select pictures to be displayed and adjust the walker height and speed to make your walk through the gallery as much comfortable as possible. Once you have entered the freemove mode, you can wander freely inside the virtual space using the mouse. Apart from viewing pictures from a distance, you can come up to a picture and watch it in the full screen mode to enjoy the smallest detail. In the automatic mode the computer will guide you through the gallery.

Enjoy a variety of galleries!

My Pictures 3D Screensaver comes with several default galleries. You can download more extra galleries from our constantly growing collection and start enjoying your pictures in the picturesque surroundings of a medieval castle, a Greek temple, and much, much more. The more space to wander through - the more enjoyment you get!


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