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Quote is your one-stop destination for audio and video learning.
Browse over 20,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.

Welcome to, Your Audio Learning Resource on the Internet. has scoured the Internet to bring you over 2000 free audio and video titles. This directory features free audio books, lectures, speeches, sermons, interviews, and many other great free audio and video resources. Most audio titles can be downloaded in digital formats such as MP3 and most video titles are available to stream online. Enjoy!

Arts & Entertainment (265 items)
Film, Music, Radio, TV, & Pop Culture · Painting, Architecture, & Sculpture
   Biography (148 items)
Everyday People · Political Figures
Business (285 items)
Business Leaders · Economics
   Education & Professional (261 items)
Medical · Writing
History (525 items)
American History · Speeches
   Languages (20 items)
Other Languages
Literature (397 items)
Poetry · Short Stories
   Philosophy (136 items)
Ethics · Political Philosophy
Politics (957 items)
Contemporary Issues · U.S. Government
   Religion & Spirituality (399 items)
Buddhism · Christianity
Science (245 items)
Biology · Physics
   Self Development (376 items)
Emotional Development · Health & Fitness
Social Sciences (406 items)
Cultural Criticism · Current Events
   Sports & Hobbies (67 items)
Basketball · Other Hobbies
Technology (161 items)
Biotechnology · The Digital Age
   Travel (29 items)


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