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MAKE Beautiful Music with Frinika

Frinika is an open source (GPL), complete music workstation software for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX Tiger and other operating systems running Java 1.5 (J2SE5.0). It features sequencer, soft-synths, realtime effects and audio recording.

Frinika is compact, self-contained and simple - yet powerful enough to boost your musical creativity.

Install it LIVE using Java Webstart! Click here!

Frinika features

    * Pure Java 1.5 = cross-platform
    * Runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX Tiger and other platforms supporting J2SE5.0
    * Piano roll midi editing
    * Graphical part view
    * Amiga-soundtracker style midi editing
    * Undo/redo functions
    * Simple mixer
    * Automation through MIDI Control Change events
    * Realtime effects (echo, distortion ++)
    * Soft sampler with audio recording features
    * Limited Soundfont V2 import
    * Simple Analog synth
    * Bezier synthesis using the Beziersynth by Bob Lang 
    * Interacts with other sound-applications using JACK audio connection kit (Linux only)
    * Support for external MIDI devices (in & out)
    * MIDI file export/import
    * All real-time effect and synth params are controlled through MIDI events
    * Can seperately load/save gear (synth setup & samples)
    * Fully self-contained project files (including synth setup, samples and sequence)
    * Direct export to WAV 
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