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mpeg2decX converts a MPEG2 video file into a QuickTime movie
« on: November 20, 2009, 02:51:29 PM »
mpeg2decX converts a MPEG2 video file into a QuickTime movie


This is the software which converts a MPEG2 file being used for the image of DVD-Video into a QuickTime movie. I ported mpeg2dec by Mr. Michel Lespinasse and Mr. Aaron Holtzman to Mac OS X, and added deinterlace, resizing, preview, subtitles extraction and QuickTime output function.

How to use

    * Add a VOB file, a MPEG2 file or a folder to the list in either following method.
          o Choose "Open..." from the File menu.
          o Push the Add button.
          o Drag and drop to the application icon.
          o Drag and drop to the list in the window.
      The name can be changed when it double-clicks on the output file name.
    * Choose the track number by the Track menu when you convert the VOB file which has more than one track. Choose "-" in case as the MPEG1 file which demultiplexing is unnecessary for.
    * Choose the frame rate of the output movie from the menu. Because the frame rate of the source image changes, if it doesn't synchronize with the sound when it was merged, check Variable Frame Rate, and try to convert not a MPEG2 file but a VOB file.
    * Choose the aspect ratio of the output movie from the menu. "raw" is without resizing, "source" is referred to the header information of the source. When Half is chosen from Size, it becomes half of the size.
      [Aspect]    [Width]    [Height]
      raw    720    480
      source    following either
      1:1    480    480
      4:3    640    480
      16:9    720    404
      2.21:1    720    326

      When you choose Manual, input numerical value to Width and Height, and push enter. Width and Height are necessary with an even number. It is calculated from Aspect when either Width or Height is 0.
    * When the QuickTime button is pushed, the compression setup dialog of QuickTime appears.
    * Check Specify Destination when you specify the folder of the output file. When it isn't checked, it is output in the same folder as the source file.
    * When you want to pile up a subtitle, push the Subtitle button, check Subtitle, input the number of the subtitle, and convert a VOB file. When you input numerical value to Position Offset, you can move a position of indication up and down. Many DVD's are using four palettes as follows.
          o Transparency color
          o Character color
          o Neutral color
          o Outline color
      But if the disk is not, choose a suitable color with each color wells, or check UsePalette and open "VTS_01_0.IFO" (not "VIDEO_TS.IFO") in the VIDEO_TS folder.

    * Choose the file which you want to convert from the list, and push the Start button. Status of one those becomes Doing, except that become Waiting. It becomes Done when the convert is finished normally, and it becomes Error when it fails.
    * When "Show" is chosen instead of "Conv", a movie file isn't output.
    * Push the Cancel button when you want to stop the convert halfway. The main window can't be closed, and application can't be finished during a convert. When it is canceled, "_" is added to the end of the name of the imperfect output file.
    * Conversion pauses when the Pause button is pushed.
    * When the Clear button is pushed, the information chosen from the list is cleared.

    * Numerical value under the progress bar is the number of frames during the convert, the convert speed, the expected remaining time of the convert and the output data rate.
    * The QuickTime movie that the extension of the file name became .mov is output. The number of track is shown with _T00..._T15.

    * A preview window opens when the Preview button is pushed. It is the image just before converting it into QuickTime. (Quality of output after the convert isn't shown.) A log window opens when the Log button is pushed.
    * Go with the following process when you want to crop.
          o Do the setup related to the size, and start the convert for a while.
          o Push the Cancel button at a scene to see a surrounding black frame clearly.
          o Check Crop, and input numerical value in every direction. Set it up so that the square indicated may touch contents in the inside.
          o When it clicks on the preview, it is expanded into the close-up view.
          o When the Search button is pushed, a border is looked for automatically. When the slider is the left, a dark place is looked for, and when it is the right, a light place is looked for.
          o Push the Convert button again, start the convert in the beginning.
    * When Show All Frames is checked, all frames are indicated.
    * Indication becomes slow when the round button under them is pushed. When the Snapshot button is pushed, a TIFF file is made by snap000.tiff in order in the output folder.

    * The history window opens when the History button is pushed. Check Show History, and input the range of a graph to indicate in Range. The data size of every frame is indicated with a bar chart at the time of the conversion. A red bar is a key frame, a green bar is a normal frame, and a blue line is a mean.
    * Three QuickTime parameters can be set up. Mark the left check to set value.

    * The filter window opens when the Filter button is pushed.
    * Choose the pixel format to pass to QuickTime from the menu. Some formats isn't supported with a certain codec.
    * Choose the blur filter from the menu if it is necessary. The blur filter can't be used if "RGB" isn't chosen in the pixel format.
    * The color information of each frame is indicated when you check "Show Color Info". Y is luminosity, Cb is blue, and Cr is red information. A horizontal axis is value, and a vertical axis is the number of pixels.
    * Color information can be adjusted when "Adjust Color" is checked. Set up the slider of Gain, Offset and Gamma. A horizontal axis is input, and a vertical axis is output at the right graph.


Mac OS X 10.1 or higher

    * This software can not decrypt a VOB file.


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