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SNEeSe is a Super NintEndo Entertainment System Emulator for MS-DOS, Win32, Linux, or BeOS - Not Updated since 2009

What is SNEeSe?

SNEeSe is a Super NintEndo Entertainment System Emulator for x86-based PCs running MS-DOS, Win32, Linux, or BeOS, with at least a 586-class CPU.

Initial development by Savoury SnaX, with Santeri Saarimaa and later Charles Bilyue' joining the project in-progress.

Original sound system development and continued research by Brad Martin.

Webpage by Charles Bilyue', with some inspiration of design from Anthrox.

Continuing development by Charles Bilyue' and Daniël Hörchner.
Most of all, to archeide, Lord ESNES, and Trepalium, for helping me to fix some of the most annoying bugs in SNEeSe;
To those commonly found on EFnet IRC in #classicgames, #snesromz, #zopharsdomain, #snesdev, and on Freenode IRC in #zsnes and #insanes who have helped with testing and ideas;
SNES '9X team of past and present;
zsKnight, anomie, and byuu, who have been INVALUABLE sources of help;
Nach for code for IPS soft-patching and JMA compressed ROM image support;
Deathlike for testing and bug reports;
and everyone else who has helped or supported me in this, if I haven't made mention of you here or elsewhere, you know who you are...
Site Info, when to e-mail, etc.

The maintainer of this page (me!) is Charles Bilyue', also known as TRAC, main developer of SNEeSe!

And if you don't like the look of this page, it's because I'm no good with layout, or you have no taste! And I don't have enough time to improve the layout, I'm too busy working on SNEeSe!

Thanks go out to SourceForge for hosting this page, to FortuneCity for hosting the original SNEeSe homepage, and to both FortuneCity and for hosting this page in the past!

DO mail me with bug reports (in order to fix it, I need to know what's wrong!), suggestions for bug fixes or improvements, docs on Super FX(1/2), DSP(1/2), or other hard-to-find or obscure information on SNES hardware... it will be very appreciated... use the link/address in the README in the distribution archives...

DO NOT ask me for ROM's... I believe I've gotten the message through well enough so far, because I have received few ROM requests... but just in case someone else is stupid and hasn't gotten it yet... I repeat, don't waste my time with ROM requests...

DO NOT ask for release dates, when specific features will be added, do not send hate/flame mail, etc... all of the above will be considered spam and ignored (unless I'm in a VERY good mood... and if I'm in a very bad mood, the ROM requests will be forwarded to the proper authorities, and the rest, well, I'll have to find a couple spam mailing lists to put you on... hehehe)...

Greetings and requests may be replied to if I have enough time... and if you need help with programming your own SNES emulator (information-only help), I will do my best to give it... other than that... we'll have to see... just remember, I'm a very busy man, and you may not get the information immediately...

This page will be updated when I get around to it!
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