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Live Code is a fully featured authoring environment for creating Rich Internet Applications

Non-programmers welcome.

Features and Benefits
Simple Easy to Learn Scripting Language

Way back in the dawn of computer history, programming languages were 1’s and 0’s. Now, while you can still hunt down your mammoth (well, ok, rabbit) using a bow and arrow, skin and joint it, take it home and cook it, its a lot easier just to go to the supermarket. Or even the takeaway. And while you can still use 1’s and 0’s, in 99.999% of cases, its not a great way to program. LiveCode’s language is a natural programming language that starts from the premise “wouldn’t it be nice just to tell my program what I want it to do. In English”. It is designed to be expressive, readable, memorable and as close as possible to the way you speak and think. And like real speech, it’s not limiting. It has all the elements needed to express powerful programming concepts, in a simple straightforward way.

This isn’t just a better way to write your programs, its a better way to read them as well. Programmers probably spend more time reading and trying to understand the code they have written than they do actually writing it.

For example, take a look at this piece of code (this is NOT LiveCode)
Code: [Select]
theText = theText.split("\n");
theText = theText.sort(sort_item_3).join("\n");
function sort_item_3(line1, line2) {
     line1 = line1.split(",");
     line2 = line2.split(",");
     if(line1[2] == line2[2]) return 0;
     else if(line1[2] > line2[2]) return -1;
     else return 1;

Or the exact same line of LiveCode:
Code: [Select]
sort lines of theText descending by last item of each
Which are you more likely to understand on first glance 6 months after you wrote it? LiveCode is the only language which is this straightforward.

Visual Environment

LiveCode’s visual development environment makes creating your user interface quick and easy. Create a new stack and drag the controls you need over from the Tools Palette onto your stack. Place them where you want, resize them and change their properties to change their appearance and behavior.

Once you have your interface use the built in Code Editor to add functionality to your app. LiveCode informs your app when user interactions occur. So a button knows when it is clicked, a field knows when it is typed in and a slider know when its value changes. Use LiveCode’s English-like language to tell your controls how to respond to user actions.

Because LiveCode is live, you can see how your app will look as you create it, making small changes as you go.

Live editing and testing

Now you have a scripted interface, does it work? In LiveCode your application is always running, even while developing. You can add new objects, or change the code while your application is live and instantly see the effect. No other language does this. It makes it incredibly easy to develop quickly, making one change and trying it out. Editing live applications creates a powerful workflow, so you can build your apps faster and easier than ever.

To create this live process, LiveCode has two modes. The Edit mode allows you to select controls, move them around, change properties and edit code. The Run mode allows you to interact with your app as a user would. LiveCode allows you to switch between these two modes instantly. No waiting around for your app to compile or build.

Introducing the Best Text and Data Processing in the World

It’s a bold claim. It’s one of LiveCode’s greatest strengths. Unique among multiplatform programming languages, LiveCode understands text in the same way you do: characters, words and lines. This can save you lots of time, money and effort.

Text and data processing is a component in virtually every application or IT solution. In many applications it’s the core functionality, a major component or one of the main outputs. Unstructured data comes from many sources, commonly appearing in e-mails, news, Web pages, memos, notes from call centers and support operations, chat logs, system logs, surveys, user forums and reports.

Unstructured data is not always easy to find, access, analyze or use. LiveCode makes it effortless.

We’re all about Data

You need data. Your app needs data. Your boss needs data. Your client needs data. LiveCode does data. For simple needs like an address book or small data sets, you can just use LiveCode itself as a container. For more complex needs, LiveCode works as a great front end for your databases. And if you’re talking Big Data, LiveCode offers unique flexibility for drilling into and custom managing data sets.

LiveCode connects easily to web services or information based in the cloud. It also directly connects to MySQL and SQLite on all platforms including Mobile, and supports PostgreSQL, Valentina and Oracle on the desktop. We support ODBC so you can use this standard protocol to connect to other types of SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Beautiful Apps that Sing and Dance

While LiveCode is not Photoshop, you’ll be surprised at how much you can do from within the program without leaving it. LiveCode’s suite of multimedia features includes everything you need to create stunning content. Create exquisite user interfaces with complete control over skinning. Add graphic effects such as drop shadows and glows, object blends or gradient fills. Apply deep masks to create custom, translucent window shapes. Effortlessly import assets to use in your app. Bring it all together with audio and video, visual effects and animation.

Web Aware

Your app is not alone in the world. It can talk to the Web. Support for standard Internet protocols is built in to LiveCode. Access http, https, ftp, and http post URLs starting from one line of code. For example, to download an image from the Web and render it into an image object in your application:
put URL "http //" into image "Viewer"

Open and Shut

LiveCode plays nice with other programs. Support is built-in for launching applications, launching documents, opening processes, reading and writing to other processes, or executing shell commands. The interprocess communication feature set makes it easy to interact with other applications or processes running on the same machine.

Run out of features? Impossible.

You really can’t do what you need with our existing feature set? The magic doesn’t end there. Because we offer LiveCode Community, the totally open source edition of LiveCode, you can get right into the engine and add your own features. Find out more here.

You can also extend LiveCode using modules written in lower level languages such as C. These are called “externals”
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