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BirDy is a cross platform comic management tool written in Java 1.4

Welcome to BirDy
BirDy is a comic management tool. It simply allows you to index the integrality of your collection (album, paraBD, magazine) and manage it (borrowing, statistics) with a fully GUI swing interface.
BirDy was born because I couldn't find any good MacOs X complient software to manage my comic collection. To my mind, the best tool to perform such a management is BDGest' (which costs 30€). However its community happens to be rather Microsoft Windows friendly and only french-speaking. Moreover, BDGest' was developed with Visual Basic language which is neither MacOs nor Linux complient.

BirDy can perform all the inherent operations of comic management software:

    * index the informations of your albums, series, authors, dedications and so on...
    * manage your paraBD objects: ex-libris, figurine, magazine ..etc..
    * view several statistics
    * manage the borrowers who vanish in the nature with your comics

BirDy costs nothing, however you are free to make donations. With this money, I will be able to buy a server and then host shared BirDy comic datas.

BirDy is available in french and english.

BirDy can be used with several databases:

    * One$DB
    * HSQLDB
    * MySQL
    * PostGreSQL

BirDy is written in Java and uses technologies like:

    * Hibernate
    * VLDocking
    * JFreeChart
    * Log4j
    * Cobertura
    * ANT
    * IzPack

BirDy is under the GNU/GPL License

System Requirements
BirDy has been used successfully on many platforms, including Linux, Windows XP and MacOS X.

For the current version of BirDy, you will also need a JRE installed on your system, version 1.4.2 or later.

BirDy-0.2 is now available.
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