Author Topic: coconutBattery is the hottest Macintosh battery information app out there  (Read 1952 times)

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coconutBattery is the hottest Macintosh battery information app out there

coconutBattery 2.6.5
The hottest battery information app out there... even hotter!!!

...completely rewritten...preferences menu...more languages(coming soon)...and it's still freeware(but donations are more than welcome)

What is coconutBattery?

coconutBattery isn't just a tool which shows you only the current charge of your battery - it also shows you the current maximum capacity of it in relation to the original capacity your battery had as it left the factory.
You also get information about the battery-loadcycles (how often did you fully load your battery), the current charger (coconutBattery even warns you if you plugged in a wrong charger for your Notebook) and last but not least information about the age of your Mac.

coconutBattery gives you all these information just in time because of it's live-feedback interface!

Of course you are able to save the current maximum capacity of your battery - with just one click! coconutBattery uses Apple's new and really powerful technology named "CoreData" to realize this comfortable saving option.

And last but not least: coconutBattery is Universal Binary (you can run it on Intel-Macs!)

Many localizations are ready to start but still need some bugfixes.
If you want to help translating coconutBattery to your language, just write me an email.

By the way: The really really cool and absolutely coconut-flavoured icon was created by - really good job! Check out the webpage.
849KB; Required: MacOS X 10.4.5+


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